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Before we start this chapter, I'm going answer some questions that was asked on my Q&A chapter. If you still have some questions, you can scroll back to that chapter or just ask in the comments.

Favorite things
Navy Blue
Idk I don't rlly have one
Mac and Cheese
- animal
- plantet
- superhero
- book
Throne of Glass Series 100% recommend
- greek god
Poseidon and Hades
- number
- letter
-how well do you deal with blood?
Doesn't rlly bother me
- dessert
Anything except Banana related desserts
-jellybean - flavor - if any
None rlly

Okay now serious question-
What made you want to write this book?
Early on into my first book "His Rejected Luna", I wanted to write something that could have more powers than limited to just werewolf.
Inspiration used?
I was inspired by all the different books I have read.
Why did you make then tri-hybrid?
I made it Tribrid because I thought it was a good concept
Now...on with the chapter.

Nicolette's POV
The weight of his knee caused the bed to give in as he cautiously climbed into my bed. My breath hitched as his hand crept onto my waist.

The tingling sensation made my wolf beam. I could hear his heart racing as he continued when I didn't stop him.

"I can go back if you're uncomfortable," he said to me. I thought about my answer and threw my blanket over his body and moved towards his warmth.

My demon always dominated my wolf when it comes to body temperature. It is always a pain to be so cold during the winters. His body radiated heat which kept me from shivering.

His scent filled my senses as my face presses against his body. His hand was tightly wrapped around waist and slightly held me against him. I felt comfortable in this position. I felt safe. I let out a breath as I let myself fall asleep again.
"Again," she said. I groan as the candle in front of me had burned into a mush of wax again. I peeled it off of the grass and threw it into the pile of melted candles.

My mother grabbed another one from a pile she has and put it in front of me. I let out a grown as I fall on to my back in the grass. Blood had started to come out of my mouth as I over used my powers.

"Why do I have to master elemental magic? I'm not an elemental witch and it's causing me to bleed," I said sitting up and looking up at her. She crosses her arms and puts her weight onto her right foot.

"Nicolette what witch are you? Use this as an advantage. Let's say you're trapped and people thing you are a normal witch then you use elemental magic. Elemental witches are becoming scarce it will catch your enemies off guard," she lectured me.

"And if I pass out? Then it's no use. I've passed out 3 times today. I can feel it draining my energy every time I melt another candle till it's useless," I contradict. Her face read that she was unimpressed.

"We master fire then air then water then earth until you won't be able to pass out. You will learn to control how much energy you use," she said pointing at the candle.
The warm embrace around me was still there when I had woken up from sleep. There was no sunlight peaking through the windows. I could hear Malcom's snoring which told me he was sleeping.

She died before I could even master the control of fire. I know how to use my elemental magic it just comes out in burst. No control it just happens.

I took a deep breath of his scent and lean against his sturdy chest. My head moved up and down as he breathed. He stared to move and I held my breath. He grunted as he moved deeper into the pillow and held me closer against his body. His snores stopped and his breathing became lighter and more controlled.

"Are you hungry?" He says. I look at him and his brown eyes seemed to pierce through the darkness. I shake my head and put my head back down and sigh. "I think you should eat since you magic drained your powers."

"I'm too comfortable to get up right now," I mumble into his chest. Malcom shifted a little which caused the covers to be pulled off of my body slightly. A chill went down my spine as the cold was let under the blanket.

I pull the blanket back down and feel my head start to pound. My stomach began to hurt and sweat started to form on my forehead. I quickly fling the blanket off of my body as the chilly air wraps around me.

I run into the bathroom and cup the toilet bowl as I start to throw up. It became harder to breath as blood poured out of my mouth. I overused my magic. I flush the toilet and wipe off the excess blood off of my mouth and lean my head up against the wall.

"Are you okay?" Malcom asks me as he walks into the toilet and sees splashes of blood around the toilet bowl and on the floor. I nod and take a few deep breaths.

I never perfected my elemental magic powers after my parents died. I was to sad about my parent's death.

"I'm actually hungry now," I said as I stand up. My head spins and I balance myself on the wall as I regain my balance.

"Okay I'll get the pack chef to come down here and cook," he said. I simply nod as I walk out of the bathroom. He places his hand on the small of my back and I don't step away from his touch. I felt to sick to.

I take a seat on the bar stool and leaned against the island counter top. Malcom opens the fridge and grabs a jug of water from inside and a cup from the cabinet.

He pours some water and hands it to me. I mumbled a thank you and took a small sip of water. There was a faint knock on the front door and Malcom went to open the door. There was an unfamiliar voice and a person I haven't met yet walked into the kitchen with Malcom.

"You must be the chef," I said softly. He smiles at me and nods. He was a bit older. He looked like he lived a wonderful life with his children and grandchildren.

"I'm Nicole," I smile.

"I'm Albert," he smiles and holds his hand out and I grab it and shake it. I watch Malcom's face and see him holding back from snapping at him for touching my hand.

I glare at him as he walks to the other side of the island and washes his hands to start cooking. 

"What would you like to eat Luna Nicole?" He asks me. My eyes widened at him calling me Luna.

"Oh no," I said letting out a nervous chuckle. "I'm not Luna I'm just passing through for a little bit."

"My apologies Ms. Nicole. So what would you like to eat?" He asks me again. I shrug not really knowing what I was hungry for. Malcom moves from next to the fridge then next to me and takes a seat.

"Surprise me," I simply said. He nods and starts to take ingredients, pots, and pans from different places of the kitchen and starts to cook.

I hold my arm out and said a spell quietly so that no one could hear it. I started writing on my hand with nothing but my finger. I could see Malcom staring at me as ink showed up onto my arm.

'I need more blood bags,' I wrote. He reads it and nods. I'm glad I finished the last one today so he couldn't see them at the bottom of the fridge.

I ran my hand over my arm and the ink disappeared and I went back to watching Albert cook.
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