Initiation pt 1

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Intro Begins

Y/n was walking towards Beacon with his team,alongside with his sister and her team. Next it shows him fighting off Grimm and White fang with a righteous Fury. After that he is shown to be sitting outside while someone is with him as they lie down resting her head on his shoulder. Then it shows imperial vessels in space as the adeptus astartes of the Silver Bear and others make their warp jump into the unknown. Lastly he is shown to look up at the night sky as a growl of a mighty bear is heard as he says these words.

"I will never fear what lurks in the darkness. For I am my father's sword and the Imperiums Shield. I will fight the enemies of mankind in his name. To serve and protect the citizens of the Imperium. For I am my father's son and always will be. Nothing will stop me no heretic,traitor or demon of making my dream come true. I will never stop fighting for my father, the Imperium,for Arterious, Remnant,my sons,my family,friends and those I hold dear. This is who I am. Y/n Rose Primarch of the XXI Legion, will give the light of hope to those who need it. As the mighty beast, I will stand tall and valiant as the bulwark against terror. For I shall know no fear."

Intro ends.

In the auditorium

When Y/n, Jeanne and Ruby found their way to the auditorium. Though thankfully they have made it before time and soon they heard Yang call out to them.

Yang: Hey, Ruby, Y/n I saved you guys a spot.

Ruby: We'll be right there Yang. Hope you see you later Jeanne.

Jeanne: Likewise Ruby.

As Ruby left Y/n walk up towards Jeanne as he said.

Y/n: Jeanne, I hope we can talk more later,after what the headmaster has to say.

Jeanne: I would love to Y/n.

The sincere smile she gave him, radiated something he doesn't know how to describe it. Though when he looked at her in her eyes,he can see a noble and caring person in them. It made him smile at her as he waved her a goodbye and she replied the same as he went to see what Ruby and Yang are doing. Unknown to him two emerald eyes were looking at him.

As he arrived to them. He saw the same white haired girl talking to both of Yang and Ruby. Something told him it was about the whole exploding incident. When he catch up to them Ozpin came out and gave small introductions and gave a whole speech to the new first years. As he finish and told everyone to head to their area to get some rest.

Sometime later in the training hall.

Soon the whole area was crowed by both genders on either side. The males were trying to impress the girls with their muscles. Though for two sisters it was something else.

Yang: So what are you doing Ruby?

Ruby: I'm writing a letter back to my friends back in Signal.

Yang: Aww that's cute.

Ruby hit yang with a pillow as she was laughing. They continue to talk a bit until they saw a guy try to show off.

Ruby: I don't think dad will like us being here with boys.

Yang: But I do.

Y/n: Why am I not surprised?

Both turn and for Yang and some other girls blush at what they saw. Y/n was there with his tank top and cargo pants. Though what caught their eye was his well form muscles. Which outdid others by comparison.

Yang: Meow momma likes what she sees.

Ruby: Eww Yang.

Y/n just sighed knowing that this might of happen. He never understood certain things and this is one of them. Flirting and women. Yang has always acted like this to him and he doesn't know why. She knows she can't get a reaction out of him and yet she still tries either to mess with him or is something else.

Y/n: *though* By Terra. I swear Yang would he the end of me,one of these days.

Y/n: Ruby you know you made a friend, Jeanne.

Yang: Oh yeah your right see Ruby that's looking good.

Ruby: Thanks.

As they continue on their little banter, Ruby spotted the girl that helped her. So yang went to drag her over there to talk to her leaving Y/n by himself as he chuckle at their attempt to talk to her. Though he did began to though about something.

Y/n:*though* Father why did you send me here? Why me? I know you can't hear me but, I'm worried not just for my sons or realm but for this world. These Grimm aren't Chaos in nature. Something is going on. Why did the headmaster gave that speech that was meant for soldiers.

Y/n wasn't fool by what the headmaster told them to his speech. He can tell what it was meant for  since in his former life, he did give a few out to raise morale and to remember his soldiers and his sons what they were fighting for. As well he had spoken to his people.He understood that the life they will be heading towards will be fraught with challenges ahead. Though from what looking around the rest he can tell that some of them won't be able to withstand the true meaning of war and the atrocities they will face. Especially his little sister how she wanted to be a hero. Like in the stories their mother read. Y/n knew the dark true and what real horrors are really out there.

Still it won't shake him in his duty. Even though his mortal form may not be like his primarch body. He will not give up his mission to protect all humanity. As well his own mission to one day to return to the Imperium and to his sons and people. To take the battle to the Grimm and the other dark forces. So that one day his dream of leading humanity into a era of peace and prosperity can become true. He knows it won't be easy and it'll be a long road ahead.

Still Y/n will keep on going forward no matter what he will face. He will pass the initiation and focus on making sure that his little sister will be ready for what she might face. So he goes to his sleeping bag and goes off to sleep to be ready for the initiation.

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