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Nicolette's POV
November 17, the day I became vulnerable around Malcom. My mom appeared in my dream and I woke up crying. I couldn't get myself to stop.

I choked while I tried to calm myself down but I just couldn't. I drank some water to stop the tingling in my mouth from crying so much. My breaths became choppy as I breathed in and out. My pillow became damp with my tears as they kept rolling down my face.

Somehow, my wolf had convinced me to go seek out Malcom. I missed it. His strong grasp around me as I fell asleep. I yearned for it as he slept in the other room.

I should hate him for all the things he's done to fuck me up mentally and physically. I should hate him for putting me through hours of pain when he was with other she-wolves but I wanted it.

I stand up next to my bed and sit down immediately. I wanted to convince myself that I was going to make a fool out of myself but I had inky thought that by the time I was next to his door.

I took a deep breath before knocking lightly on his door. I waited a few seconds with my heart pounding out of my chest. I was ready to let out a sigh of relief. I didn't weigh in the fact that he might have been sleeping.

"Come in," I finally heard. My body began shaking as I twisted the doorknob slightly and see Malcom sitting up in his bed. It didn't look like I had woken him up from his sleep but maybe I was wrong.

"I can't sleep," I said so quietly that a pin drop would be louder. I was being vulnerable with him, letting him know that I was crying. I have never let my guard down and I sure as hell didn't think it would be my first time with Malcom.

"Do you know why?" He asks me. His voice basically towered over mine. I felt my heart beating faster than it should be. I was nervous.

"Can you come lay down with me?" I asked a little bit louder than the first time I spoke but you couldn't really tell the difference. The few seconds he took to respond felt like minutes.

"Yeah I can," he finally said. The rustling of sheets indicated that he was getting up from his bed. I quickly went back to the comfort of my own bed and laid down as he shut my room door.

He was in my bed after a few seconds and I turned around and covered my face with his chest. I inhaled his scent and my tense body relaxed as his hand moved to my waist. His thumb caressed my back and my wolf let out a purr.

I cursed myself for letting out a noise of satisfaction. His hand moved to my hair and he pushed back a strand of hair that covered my face behind my ear.

"Goodnight Nicolette," he whispered to me. I let out a noise that didn't really mean anything but that I understood the phrase he whispered to me.

I felt safe being wrapped up in his arms. I wanted to feel vulnerable around him. I wanted things to work out between us but I didn't want the world finding out what I am.

It might put Malcom and his pack in danger.
The early light peaked through the window as the sun started to rise early in the morning. I had only a few hours of sleep but I needed to wake up early anyway.

Malcom's grip on me didn't falter over the night. My tears had dried on my face and my arm was wrapped around Malcom's arm.

I quietly unwrap myself from his grasp and looked at him sleeping from the edge of my bed. He looked so peaceful sleeping.

I quickly brushed my teeth and changed into a sports bra and leggings. I grabbed a jacket and left it unzipped. I closed my room door quietly in an effort to not wake Malcom up.

I run out deep into the forest but not too deep. I looked around the forest and took some time to make a tiny fireplace. I sat in front of it and took deep breaths to calm myself.

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