Chapter 1

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"Catalina own up to your mistake" my father yelled in front of the police man

I was currently sitting on the sofa with my phone in one hand listening to them ramble on about how I'm a bad girl

In reality I didn't do it. They have done a lot of  little bad things but this was going far they had stolen a bunch of TVs and I knew they were going to sell them for drugs.

"Well we do have this new suggestion that is a trial" I looked up at the police man writing down something on his tiny note pad

"What is it" my mum quickly said

"She would go and stay at a summer camp for disobedient twa- people" he looked up from his notepad

My dad looked at me unsure, they obviously needed someone to cover up there illegal hobbies.

"She'll go. Catalina go and pack your shit" she sat down on the sofa next to me forcing me to get up and go upstairs

Stupid parents.

I ran upstairs and grabbed my suitcase to pack my shit into, I grabbed everything that I would need and walked downstairs.

"It's for the best sweetheart" she hugged me

"Don't fuck this shit up" she whispered into my ear

"Oh well who's going to get the blame now mother" I stood back and blew a fake kiss to her.

I walked out the door with my suitcase, the police man held open the door for me to get into the back.

"We will take you to the station and from the station we will get someone to drive you to the camp" he said sternly and then said something into his radio

We arrived at the police station and it wasn't... well the nicest place.

"Catalina Williams?" A man in a suit said

"That is her" the policeman pointed towards me

I stood up with my stuff and walked towards the men, the policeman who I never learnt the name of pushed me towards the taxi.

I got into the taxi and stared at the policeman and the taxi driver talking, the taxi driver finally got in and turned to me

"We will arrive in 5 hours so get comfortable" he turned back

I let out a sigh and looked out the window till I eventually fell a sleep.

When I woke up we were driving down a road, I could see some cabins through the trees and they looked very expensive.

As we got to the end of the road, there was a 'Welcome Committee' sign and people standing around it talking to other people

"Name?" A man in a clipboard walked to my window

I looked out the other window 

"NAME" he said louder getting my attention

"Catalina Williams" I anxiously said

He looked at the clipboard up and down until he eventually spotted my name

"Ahh yes here you are" he walked to my driver and talked to him for a little bit

"Catalina come with me up to the notice board" the man with the clipboard said

I got out the car and walked with the man up to the notice board where a lot of other people where standing looking and staring at a list with names on it

Anderson Smith| Karter Andrews
Barroco Hunter| Chloe Lucy ⋆ and Edward Kirk
Jacob Evans| Hunter Go, Jack Evenhurt, Donald Joon, Max Huntley and Luca Andy
Katie Reid | Bella Christie , Luna Evans , Mark David's

It went on and on.

"What do the people next to the names mean?" He stared at the paper

"They're basically the people who look after you, I can't tell you anything more"

The man placed his finger on the paper and moved it up and down to eventually see my name

Catalina Williams: Austin Maxwell , Theo Jones, Braxton Brown, Elliot Johnson, Myles Wilson 

"Hmm... Austin Maxwell⋆ I'm sure you'll have fun with him" he whispered  and someone turned towards me to look me up and down

"What?" I looked at the name Austin

He grabbed a walkie talkie that was in his pocket

Mr Maxwell your submissive is in Park A near the notice board There was no reply until I finally saw two guys walking towards us

"Is that him?" I asked and the man with the clipboard nodded and left quickly like he didn't want to see what would happen when he arrived

"Catalina?" the one on the right said and I nodded

"Come with us" the other one said

"Austin" the one on the right gave a wide stare to Austin 

"I'm Myles and this is Austin, you don't look like a criminal at all" he looked me up and down, Austin gave out a snicker after Myles said that

"It wasn't me" I scratched my head

"Lets go we need to catch the golf cart" Myles grabbed my hand while Austin walked in front of me like he was escorting me


I got into my BMW and headed to camp, this is my 6th year in the row coming to this camp.

I have been the Top Leading dominant for all the 5 years and this year I intend on staying low and having fun.

Last year I was so drained with competing against people for a stupid title.

I wasn't suppose to come back this year but my best friend and the head councillor 'Dave' begged me to come back and try a group cabin and submissive

I walked towards the cafeteria and saw a Chance waving from the corner

"Hey man it's nice to see you back" Chance and Dave were the only ones that kept me sane last year when all the shit was happening

"Same to you man" I gave him a man hug

I knew a lot of the dominants at this camp but he was my best friend

"So when does your submissive get here, are you showing the slut off?" He bit into his Apple

"Well I'm actually just chilling at camp this year, Iv decided to do Ddlg?" He looked at me in shock

"Oh that's very different" he scratched his head

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