Chapter 3

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"Bye Austin see you tomorrow" a voice said

"Bye" a deep voice replied

I heard a squeaky door open and close

"Is she sleeping?" a voice sounded sad

I opened my eyes to see three other men staring at me

"Oh I guess you aren't.. I'm Braxton" he smiled at me, his smile was so attractive especially with his raven hair and stunning brown eyes

I smiled back, I squirmed out of Austin's grip to go and sit on the sofa, he grunted as soon as he set me down obviously not happy about me wanting to get down .

"I'm Theo it's nice to meet you" he sat next to me, he was very attractive with his brunette hair and green eyes

"Hi" I quietly said I hated meeting new people AND FIVE BOYS STARING AT ME AT THE SAME TIME

"And last but not least I'm Elliot" he sat on the other side of me, Elliot had blonde hair with brown eyes, he smelt so good.

My eyes scanned around the room, I noticed that there was no television but there was board games in the corner.

"Catalina did you hear anything I was saying?" Austin's voice boomed, the voice reminded me of my father and his evil ways

"N-no sorry" I stuttered, god damn it

"We have to go over some rules and information" Austin tried to calm down but I could see his eyes turn a darker colour

"First we are your dominants, I am the head dominant meaning whatever problem you have, you have to come to me and I will sort them out" he walked up to me and placed his finger under my chin

"Austin" Theo hissed next to me

"Secondly as your dominant I-we will be in charge of everything, what you eat, what you do and who you talk too" Braxton seemed uncomfortable

"It's mostly about trust too.. we will not do anything sexual with you until you or we feel comfortable and it's all about consent, if you don't like something or want to stop we will give you a safe word" Myles took charge while Braxton whispered something into Austin's ear

"Do you know what DDLG is sweetheart" Elliot asked

I shook my head

"It stands for Daddy Dom Little girl, which is a form of ageplay" Austin answered

Ageplay? Like acting younger than I am?

"By the way classes start on Monday" Monday? That's two days away it's currently Saturday

"What are we going to do tomorrow?" I asked

"There's fun things to do around the camp don't worry" Myles walked to the kitchen

"What does everyone want to eat" he looked in the cupboards

"Chips?" Austin said and walked towards the kitchen

"Don't even think we have that mate there's nothing here" Myles shrugged opening the freezer

"Don't tell me we have to walk to get food" Braxton huffed

"I all of a sudden don't feel hungry" I smirked at Braxton's comment

Austin grabbed his phone out of his pocket and tapped on the screen

"Hello" Austin said

"We need a car from cabin 50 and I want it now" he ended the phone call, that was kinda hot

"What's wrong with you today?" Myles asked

Austin didn't answer but there was a beep from outside the cabin

We all walked outside to see a grumpily pink man

"Austin don't be an asshole I won't pick you up again" a man with pink hair said

"Whatever Dave" Austin rudely replied

He saw us from behind Austin "Austin I told you that you couldn't have parties in the cabin" Austin grumbled

"We are all Catalina's caregivers" he snapped
Dave whispered and oh and turned around

"Hello Catalina it's nice to meet you, I'm the Head Councillor at camp" Dave drove to this big building, he occasionally said some words to Austin, they seemed very close.


"I didn't think you would ever share Austin" Dave the head councillor and one of my best friends quietly said

"I just wanted to give it a try, she's a little too"

Dave and I met 6 years ago, he was just a normal councillor but we have had some good times together, he of course has had a couple of submissives that I had to put in line.

"Have you heard from Jessica" I cringed at her name

"Jessica from last year?" I scoffed

"She fucked off with Damien remember"

Jessica was my submissive from last year and Damien has always been my competition but it's just so exhausting having to up my game because some man wants to be a bigger dick than me, so Damien stole Jessica from me making me look like a complete asshole

"You know they've been paired up together this year, i didn't want to tell you" we arrived at the cafeteria

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