Chapter 2

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The submissives are obviously here for a reason, some of the reasons are more serious than others but we have to take precaution.

I am currently walking to the cabin which was the farthest away from camp, just my fucking luck.

There was a little golf cart with 4 people in it, 5 if you include the driver driving past me, the car jolted to a stop.

"Austin get in" I recognised the voice it was Myles a person who I had met last year

"Where are you going? He asked when I got in

"Cabin 50" I huffed

"Me too" 4 other voices said

We all looked at each other and introduced ourselves

Sometimes the camp would put more than one dominant to a sub, I don't know why but they do for some reason and I have never asked

(as a TLD Top Leading Dominant it is unusual that I would share but I guess I could always try with a group of guys)

"Obviously we need to establish some rules, so can I put myself forward as leading dominant of the group" they all nodded, they knew I could fight.

"So does anyone know who Catalina is? I looked at her file and it says she's here because of theft " Theo said

"It could of been an accident" Elliot scratched his head.

We got to the cabin and from the outside it looked very... well cosy 

"my friends and I always called this the get along cabin since it was one of the farthest cabins away from camp" Elliot shrugged and walked to the kitchen

We walked inside and it was a nice size, way bigger than the other cabins I have stayed in, I walked upstairs to see a massive bed for all of up to sleep on.

"Wow Myles I cant wait to sleep with you" Theo said leaving us all to laugh

"My parents said that I would experience new things at camp" Myles said making me chuckle

Mr Maxwell your submissive is in Park A near the notice board

A voice came through the speaker

"Rock, paper, scissors who goes with him" they all did rock, paper, scissors like three year olds and Myles won

There was no car for about an hour so that left Myles to groan, as we got closer to the notice board I saw a beautiful brunette with blue eyes near a councillor.

The councillors were there to educate  us and our subs to be better at well.. BDSM, DDLG, Pet Play and anything else that people come to this camp for

"she's beautiful I hope it's her " I whispered

"We can only hope" he said nervously

"Catalina?" Myles said and she nodded

Thank fuck I thought 

"Come with us" I said in my dominant voice

Shit. she looked intimidated, as soon as I seen her I felt dominance... like I had to make her kneel

"Austin" Myles warned   

"I'm Myles and this is Austin, you don't look like a criminal at all" Myles looked her up and down

I laughed.. what the fuck Myles?

"It wasn't me" she scratched her head

"Lets go we need to catch the little car" Myles grabbed her hand while I walked next to him

"Is this your first time here?" Myles tried to start a conversation but she just nodded her head, she was very shy

"Are we nearly there yet?" She shyly said

"No we aren't" Myles said and I sighed

I walked towards her and picked her up, her head went into the crook of my neck

"See a natural and you thought you would struggle being a daddy" he laughed

I remember having a conversation with him last year about this, I can't believe he remembered.

"Austin" I heard Chance from behind me

I looked behind me to see Chance with another guy, I looked at him and then at the other guy

"Is this your submissive?" Chance's eyes looked at the ground

"Yeah" he scratched the back of his head

"That's great I'm happy for you" He looked up and smiled at me

"Is this yours? she's beautiful" He said and I nodded

"Catalina" I mouthed

"What cabin are you in?" Chance grabbed his map, he never was good at directions

"Cabin 46" he shrugged

"Nice you can walk with us" we began walking up to the farthest cabins

"Hunter keep up" Hunter was currently looking at the leaves on the trees

"So did you ask for a boy this year?" This question has been on my mind ever since I met him and hunter

"Yeah I wanted something... different" he defiantly didn't want to talk about it

"Doesn't bother me, I mean I'm going to be sleeping with 4 other guys for the next 6 weeks" I shrugged

"But It'll be the best 6 weeks sleeping next to me" Myles winked at me and Chance laughed

"I just hope that what happened last year doesn't happen again" I placed my hand that was free on my face.

Chance frowned at me.

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