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Nicolette's POV
Malcom let out a grunt as he walked off from where I was sitting. Seth and Lucas had already left. I had known they had been watching. They weren't very careful with hiding that they were watching me.

The pile of burnt wood was starting to grow and suitable logs for burning we're starting to become scarce in this area I had been training in.

My level of control had not improved but maybe decreased since I had last worked with my mom all those centuries ago. She always forced me to sit there for hours while blood fell from my nose. The only times she would let me rest was to use the bathroom.

She was so fixated on trying to get me to master the control of the elemental powers I had that she barely noticed the points I was about to pass out.

My father learned to not bother my mom while training me with magic. All the times I have accidentally sent sharp objects towards his head probably gave him the impression that it was better to stick to training me with my wolf and demon.

I tried to think of something, someone to reign my thoughts into so that I would only think about that thing or person while controlling the flame but there was no one.

I had no one that makes me happy. Thinking of my parents would only cause my emotions to get out of control. My dad always told me my emotions were my biggest enemy while fighting.

Thinking of my mate brought terrible memories with it to. Thinking of the few friends I had only led to the realization that I had almost no one to release my bottled up emotions to.

The bottle that held my emotions is always sealed and that seal has not faltered since my parents died. Since I came to this pack lands, the seal began to slowly unscrew.

I was trying to shove it back down but it was no use. My emotions had been bottled up for too long and were bound to be let out into the world soon.

When my mom was teaching me, they were still alive they were the only ones that made living a monster's life worth it. Now, my purpose of life is to avenge my parent's death. Or may I die drying.

I tried to clear my mind of all the thoughts racing through my head. I tried to imagine that my thoughts were a clean slate, that all my mind could think about was a blank nothing pig of darkness.

I held my hands up to the logs and the same flame popped up. It flickered as the cold winter breeze flew threw the forest trees but it kept steady. I stared at the flame, watching it dance with the wind. I tried to keep my thoughts empty but my head couldn't help but think.

It went back to the days I sat in front of candles trying to keep just one flame steady just one flame steady for at least one minute. It brought me back to the days I had blood running down my face from my nose. To the days my mom would stay up from dawn to dusk with my because she was so determined to have me mastering my magic.

The days that my family lived peacefully in our small home. The days that I didn't have to worry about waking up and my family was missing. That the only worry I had was how many candles I would use up the next day.

I snapped out of my daze to realize that my flame had grown bigger and was burning so bright that sweat started to form on my forehead. I let out a growl of annoyance and let my hands down and the fire disappeared.

I am going to do it like my mom said we would that day. Fire, air, water, and earth. She said we would do it together but then she died but I guess I can only blame myself for running away.

Malcom did as I told him to. The guards he was training that day hadn't wandered anywhere near where I was sitting. The smell of smoke hd probably been carried by the wind and others might have smelt it.

I heard them training miles away though. Because of my demon and wolf, my hearing was far better than a typical wolf or vampire. I heard rustling behind me and I quickly turned.

"Yay she's all alone," he said. He was back but alone this time. The murderer of my parents is still trying to finish the job he started and trying to kill me. "What a great time to find you too. All your energy is drained."

"My powers might be drained but I still have my wolf and demon," I growl at him. He let out a low chuckle and pulled out daggers from a weapon belt he hid under his shirt.

He definitely wasn't human but I haven't quite figured out what he was. He had speed and strength. He pounced at me with his daggers coming straight for my chest. I registered what was happening a bit too slow.

I quickly sucked from the oath of the blades but it sliced a cut into my shoulder. I heard my flash searing as the silver blade affected it. I let out a snarl of pain and felt my eyes glowing.

"Aw, does your boo boo hurt," he chuckled as he glared back into my glowing eyes. I snarl as I charge at him. I grab his hands and push his blades out of the way and sent a blow with my leg to his torso.

"You bitch," he glowered as he pulled away from the grip I had on his hands. I backed away and circled him.

"Aw, does your boo coo hurt?" I mocked him and he only scowled at me. I get my energy draining. He was right. All the training I've been doing since sunrise has take its toll on me.

He made the first move again and shifted his grasp on his daggers and moved swiftly towards me. His blade grazed my thigh as he slid by me and sent a kick to my back.

I brace my fall with my hands and turn around onto my back. A mistake. He stomped his foot into my stomach and I let out a groan as a sharp pain flew through me.

I quickly moved up from under his door and stumbled backwards, away from me. I clenched my aching stomach as I start to throw up blood into the forest floor.

"You should really watch your next moves because I think I'm betting you," he smirked. I glare up at him and felt my canines come out and so did my claws.

"Not until the fat lady sings," I growl back. The corner of his mouth stayed up as he stared at me.

"I guess you better not sing."

I let out a roar as I charged at him. My shoulder and thigh stung from the silver blade that pierced my skin. I sent my fist into his side and he kicked my back.

I tumble backwards as more blood comes up and out of my mouth. I gasp for air as another blow was sent to my chest. I was on my hands and knees and I saw him throw down his daggers.

"Aw is that all you got? I was hoping this fight was going to last a bit longer. At least you stayed up longer than your parents," he laughed.

"Shut up," I growl. My knees wobble as I attempt to stand up. My energy was faltering and I felt it slipping away from me. My whole body shakes as I drop to the floor again.

"Malcom," I choke into the link. "I need help." He kicks me again and more bloods pours out onto the ground.

"Pathetic really. I would end you right now but the boss needs you alive but, he never said how close to death you could be at," he smiled at me.

I felt a tree behind me and placed my palm on it. I pulled myself up with my whole body shaking with blood and dirt everywhere. He backed up to his weapons and grabbed one of the daggers and twirled it in his hands.

"Let's see if I can hit bullseye," he grinned. He lifted the knife behind his head and I flinched getting ready for the pain. I was to weak to move out of the way. I had used up my energy.

I look up and see a flash before me and my sight was covered by a body. Malcom's body. His scent hit my nose as he stood in front of me. I could see just a little bit but enough.

A piercing scream was let out of my mouth as the dagger, meant for me, pierce through Malcom's shoulder.
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