Werewolf!ColeX Werewolf!Reader: The Full Moon

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This one-shot is from YannaCandy!! Thank you so much and Enjoy!

You tapped the table nervously, watching the sun sink closer and closer to the horizon.

"Hey, sis are you okay?" Lloyd asked, peeking into your line of sight.

You smiled, ruffling his hair gently, much to his annoyance. He pouted as you giggled.

"I'm fine little bro, just tired." You lied. You pushed him towards the door. "Can you go wait in the training grounds? I'll be right there."

He nodded, disappearing out the door. You sighed heavily, staring out the window again. The sun was lower now. You could feel your skin begin to crawl. Your fingers tapped against the wooden table, itching to feel the dirt beneath them.

"Hey Y/N."

You startled, turning your gaze to the door. Jay and Cole walked in, Cole's gaze on the walls, Jay's on you with a smirk.

"H-Hi guys."

Jay made his way over, throwing his arm over your shoulders. A low growl rumbled from behind him.

"Cole and I were wondering if you would go camping with us!" He said.

You blinked, gnawing on your lip as you thought it over. It wouldn't be such a bad idea, it would make it easier to sneak out when the time came.

"Sure, I'll go." You said smiling.

Jay cheered while Cole's jaw went slack, his eyes bulging.

"A-Are you sure Y/N?!" He asked nervously, avoiding your eyes, his hand clamped onto the back of his neck.

Your small smile fell.

"Why wouldn't I?" You challenged, glaring slightly.

His eyes widened in panic.

"Y-You'll be alone in your own tent a-and what if you g-get lonely and a c-creeper guy---"

"Cole! I'm a ninja! I can take care of myself!" You scolded, Jay, wrapping his arms around you.

Cole's gaze locked on his arms around your shoulders, his fist clenching, and a low growl slipping his throat before he covered it with a cough, storming out of the kitchen.

You watched him, sighing with a prick in your heart. Jay squeezed your shoulders comfortingly.

"Don't worry about him Y/N, he's just looking out for you." He said.

You smiled sweetly at his words.

"I hope so." You said.


You twitched harshly, your fingers tapping against your thighs. The sun was lower, the moon higher.

"Are you okay Y/N? You're pretty twitchy."

"I'm fine." You said sharply. The moon was making you irritable, happens ever moon.

Cole said nothing, his shoulders tense as he too seemed to stare at the full moon. His neck gave a jerk.

"Ok guys." Jay sighed, parking the car. He turned. "You two have been twitching ever since we left, do we need to tell Sensei?"

"NO!!" You both shouted in panic, quickly locking eyes. You looked away first.

"No, I'm fine Jay." You said.

"Me too," Cole said quickly.

You rose a brow. A scent wafted into your nose. You went tense.

Another one.

Before you could find the source of the smell, Jay opened his door, the scent flooding into the outside. You silently cursed, unclipping your seatbelt and slipping from the seat, beginning to set up camp.


The fire was hot, too hot. Jay had used your element, the ability to use the power of the sun and moon, to light the fire, saying it was more convenient than bringing a lighter.

You jerked harshly, digging your sharpening nails in the dirt. Hair was beginning to sprout from your skin.

You couldn't hold back anymore.

"G-G-Guys, I-I need t-t-to g-go." You stammered, trembling as you bolted into the woods.

Your feet pounded against the ground until the large fire you had created was lost in the tall woods, the only sound of your ragged breathing.

Your knees gave way, falling to the ground as you hunched and groaned in pain.

Your clothing ripped, h/c fur sprouting from every pore in your body, your face stretching to become a muzzle, your teeth growing long and pointed.

Your hands turned to paws, and a long, h/c tail grew from your tailbone. You stood on shaky legs, panting heavily.

It was finally done.

Once again, you've become a werewolf.

You bolted through the woods, relishing in the wind brushing through your fur. It was always exhilarating.

You ran for hours, the moon peeking past the leaves of the many trees around you. You skidded to a halt, perking your ears.

Someone else was here.

You sniffed the air.


You sniffed again.

He smelled like nature and dirt.

Again you sniffed.

He was right---

A large mass of muscle crashed into your body, knocking you down and the wind from your lungs. You gasped, rearing back your head to find a large, snarling brown and black wolf bearing its teeth, growling. His snout lowered to your neck, sniffing loudly before he froze, his chocolate brown eyes widening.

You lunged for his throat, snapping at the flesh only for him to pull away. He stumbled, giving you time to scramble to your feet and bolt. Although you were mad at the interruption, you chose to ignore the male, deciding that your run was more important.

Sadly, the male thought differently.

His pawsteps thudded behind you, chasing after you. He barked almost in a panic. You growled, pushing your limbs to run quicker.

He pounced, crashing into you once again to pin you down. You snarled, snapping at him. He was beginning to be annoying.

He gave a whimper, his fur receding as his body turned from wolf to human. You stared, shocked.


He hovered above you, panting.

"Y/N?" He asked.

Your ear flicked at the call of your name.

"You're like me?" He asked.

You woofed in reply. He fell backward, sitting on his haunches and running a hand through his hair.

"This is crazy....." He breathed.

You stood, shaking off your pelt and stepping towards his face. You licked his cheek, whining.

He smiled sweetly, wrapping his arms around your neck, holding you close.

"I don't know if you feel the same way Y/N, but now that I know you're like me, it just makes me love you more than I already do."

Your ears perked, whining happily as your tail began to wag. You pounced on him, licking at his face as he burst into laughter.

He kissed your snout, cupping your jaw.

"I love you Y/N."


This is kind of rushed but I'm finally done! Enjoy!

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