Part 1

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Jimin's POV

I woke up feeling pain all over my body. Jungkook must have left last night after he bathed me.

Just like always.

Every month Jungkook will come to my house when his rut came. And as usual I will be waiting at home to satisfy him. I couldn't say no because he was an alpha.

To be exact, he was my alpha.

I couldn't bear the thought of Jungkook touching others like the way he touched me. Therefore, I would rather be the one who he came to when he wanted to satisfy himself even though it was rough, and with no feelings.

Other than that, he was also my boss at work.

Although I was his mate, he had never treated me differently from the other employee and doesn't even bother to mark me as his. I didn't know how he cope with living without an official mate, because I couldn't.

But perhaps it was because he was so focused on his job that he didn't even bother to settle himself with a mate. Leaving me struggling by myself being tortured with his scents and small touches here and there when I had to work in the same compound of space with him.

After his every rut session, I would be physically hurt to the point that I couldn't even move out of the bed for a few days. But more than that, I was hurt emotionally.

I have accepted the fact that Jungkook wouldn't take our relationship more than this, but it still pained me when he left without word the very next morning. I couldn't help it. He was my mate after all.

I wanted to be treated better.

I wanted to be his.

I tried to push the sad thoughts away but whenever I was in this state, the thoughts were only getting stronger and without I knew it, I was already curled up like a ball under the blanket, muffling my sobs.


I heard Taehyung calling me from the bedroom door. He had always come over after Jungkook left and took care of me until I was at least able to stand up by myself. I was glad that I have him as my friend. He knew about my situation and always tried his best to help me feel better.

"Hi Tae," I croaked out.

My voice was still hoarse due to yesterday's event and even worse after all the crying. Since my back was facing the door and my body still hurts, I had to turn my head slowly peeking from the blanket to look at Taehyung.

I saw him flashed a smile before walking towards my bed. He was immune to this situation as it had happened every month, so he didn't ask anything about my swollen eyes.

"Do you need anything?" he asked softly, sitting on the bed while running his fingers through my hair gently.

"Water" I whispered not wanting to hurt my throat anymore. He nodded quickly understanding and swiftly move to the side of the bed, pouring me a glass of water and helped me drink.

"Do you need anything else?" he asked while cleaning my face with a wet towel. My face must be a mess after all those crying. I shook my head.

"Are you comfortable in this position?" I shook my head again.

"No, Tae. No matter in what position I'm in, my body hurts," I slightly chuckled to lighten up the atmosphere.

Taehyung smiled apologetically, feeling sorry for his omega friend. Taehyung was an alpha, and even though he might not know how wrecked my body felt after giving in to an alpha in rut, he had his own omega to take care of every time Taehyung had his own rut. So, Taehyung was experienced in taking care of an omega in situation like this.

Fortunately for Yoongi, Taehyung cared for him very much that he looked after him after they mated. They were already marked to each other too, and they even lived together under the same roof.

I was so happy for them but still couldn't help feeling jealous. It was every omega's dream to live a life like Yoongi. That's all we ever wished for. An alpha by our side. Knowing that we have someone to depend on and to protect us. Nothing more.

"I have to go somewhere this afternoon, so I can't take care of you Jimin," He looked at me feeling guilty and when I opened my mouth to reply to him, he quickly added on his sentence.

"BUT, I'll put all your favorite snacks by your side, so you don't have to move a lot when you want to eat, okay?"

I smiled at him feeling thankful that he took care of me even when he had his own things to do.

"It's okay, Tae. Thank you for coming even when you don't have to,"

"Oh, don't say that Jiminie. You're my friend of course I will help you. Now just go to sleep while I go prepare everything for you before I'm gone," he patted my head encouraging me to sleep.

"Hmm," I just hummed in response and closed my eyes, already drifting to sleep.

I snuggled closer into the blanket and only heard faintly the sound of Taehyung moving around the room before I fall into my deep slumber.

Taehyung's POV

I left Jimin's house after I made sure that I have prepared everything essential close to his bed. I prepared all his favorite snacks even though I knew that he won't even touch it and would just stay in bed the whole day.

Jimin was a lovely omega.

I knew him way before he met Jungkook and I could see how their relationship starting to kill Jimin from inside. Jimin would always act like nothing's wrong and act all cute and bubbly in front of everyone, but I knew he was not happy.

It broke my heart whenever I walk into him crying like earlier.

So, I decided that this must be stopped. I will not let Jimin be like this anymore.

I was going to confront Jungkook and told him about Jimin's condition. It was better if he rejected Jimin than letting the omega suffer. Jimin wouldn't be happy, but at least he wouldn't be in pain throughout his whole life.

I didn't even know Jungkook other than hearing rumors that he was a strict boss that was so committed to his job that he didn't spare a glance for his employee. Jungkook might be an intimidating alpha, but I was an alpha too. I'll try my best not to cause any scene in his office or Jimin would kill me.

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