Part 2

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Taehyung's POV

I walked through the front door of the building where Jimin worked. Because that's where Jungkook will be all the time. They worked at the same company after all. And from Jimin's stories, I could conclude that he's a super workaholic werewolf.

"Hello. May I ask for Jeon Jungkook, please?" I asked the girl at the front desk.

"Wait a second please, let me check his schedule," she typed in something on her keyboard and looked at the screen before smiling towards me.

"Can I have your name please?"

"Kim Taehyung"

"Well Mr. Kim, Mr. Jeon is free now, but I'll have to ask him if he wanted any visitors at the moment. You could take a seat first because it would take a few minutes," she kindly gestured me to the waiting lounge nearby.

"Okay, thank you" I smiled back at her and walk towards the nearest cushion there.

"Mr. Kim, you can come in now," after a few minutes, the girl came back and guided me to Jungkook's room. As we reached there, she politely backed away and returned to her seat.

I inhaled before lifting my hand and knocked on his door.

"Come in," I heard a male voice said, assumedly Jungkook and I pushed the door open only to be faced with a working Jungkook with a beautiful but slutty-looking girl trying to seduce him.

The anger that was well-kept inside me was starting to surface when I saw that Jungkook did nothing to push the girl away from him.

For real, that girl was literally rubbing her boobs on his bicep and he did nothing.

Not to mention what he just did to Jimin last night, didn't he have a slight guilt towards his mate who was currently at the edge of breaking apart?!

I suppressed my anger and walked towards his desk. I cleared my throat harshly glancing at the girl beside Jungkook before fixing my gaze at the working alpha.

"Hello Mr. Jeon, I'm Kim Taehyung,"

"Yes, Mr. Kim. What can I do for you? As you could see I can't entertain you for that long. I have a lot of work to finish," he replied nonchalantly, not lifting his head from his desktop screen.

"I'm here to talk about Jimin," I said firmly, waiting for his reaction.

"Jimin? As in Park Jimin?" he seemed to be interested because for once he stopped typing and look into my direction.

Maybe he did care for Jimin at least a little bit.

"Yes, and I believe I would want to talk about Jimin privately with you, without anyone else," I said as I sent a glare to the girl that was batting her eyelashes towards me, while still clinging to Jungkook.

I scrunched my nose in disgust looking at the girl but suppressed myself from killing the beta werewolf. It wouldn't be good to mess up before I even started my talk with Jungkook.

"Get out and finish the work I gave to you before today ends," Jungkook instructed the girl using his alpha voice, cowering the girl and she quickly moved away from him and went back to her desk.

"Please have a seat," he gestured me to the seat in front of his desk. I quickly complied, not wanting to stay there any longer.

"So, what about Jimin, Mr. Kim?"

"Just call me Taehyung. And I'm here because Jimin is my friend and I care about him a lot," I looked at him and when he said nothing I took that as a permission for me to continue.

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