Part 3

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Jimin's POV

After Taehyung left, Yoongi came. Even though all he did was sleeping, I felt content knowing that he willingly left his bed at home to accompany me.

And when Taehyung came back from his business, he cooked dinner for us, and the couple decided to stay the night together with me in case I need help in the middle of the night.

And when morning finally came, I was feeling a lot better. At least I could walk (or limp to be exact) around the house on my own without them helping me.

"Jimin we're gonna go now. Yoongi haven't stop bugging me to go shopping for his music equipment," he rolled his eyes and I giggled at that.

"I heard that!" Yoongi screamed from the kitchen and a few seconds later Taehyung was tackled to the floor by the said omega.

"Of course, Tae, Yoongi. Thank you so much for taking care of me yesterday." I said as I followed them to the front door.

"Don't fret about it, Jiminie. Just call us if you need anything okay?" Yoongi said as they entered the car.

After they had drove away, I closed the door and started to clean up the house.

I had to.

I would have no time to do the chores when my heat came.

The heat would usually last for a few days and by the time it ended, my leave would end too, and I had to get back to work. And when work came, I wouldn't have energy left to do the chores.

Well actually, heat could end in one day if there's alpha helping, but of course that's not going to happen in my case.

My body was still aching, but I had to force myself to do the essential things like doing laundry.

My heat will come two days after Jungkook's rut. I spent the whole day yesterday resting on the bed, so I only have today left. I quickly went to the washing machine and brought out all the damp clothes to the balcony.

Suddenly I heard the front door opened and closed indicating that someone must had come inside.

"Tae, is that you? If you're looking for your scarf, I have left it on the couch," I said without looking back.

"I have to be quick. I need to finish doing laundry and buy groceries. I only have today too" I pouted while speaking to myself and continued hanging the damp clothes under the sun.

Thankfully the weather today seemed to be good if not, I had to go to the dry-cleaning shop, and I don't think I could finish it up by today.

I slightly stood on my tiptoe to reach the higher part of the hanger to hang the socks.

"Ugh damn, why am I so short?" I sighed.

"Maybe I could help?" a voice came from behind.

"No, it's okay Mr. Jeon. I can handle...this?" my voice trailed off as I froze, processing what I had said just now.

Did I just say Mr. Jeon?!

I quickly turned my body around to see the real Jeon Jungkook standing somewhat awkwardly at the sliding door connecting the balcony to the living room.

"M-Mr.... Mr. Jeon! You scared me to death! How did you get in here?! How long have you been standing there? I-I mean hi, uhm h-hello?"

I clutched my shirt above my chest to control my rapid heartbeat due to the shock of having the unexpected guest.

"I arrived a few minutes ago and I always have your password if you're wondering how I get in," he stated as the matter of fact and I nearly facepalmed myself due to my own stupidity.

"Yes, yes of course you do. How silly of me forgetting something like that," I chuckled nervously looking down at my feet.

When I heard nothing from him, I looked up and saw his eyes looking at my shirt.

I looked back to myself and realized that I was only wearing his shirt that he left behind a few days ago. I wore this shirt because it was big enough not to graze the scratches and bruises on my body and didn't pain me that much when I moved around.

And to be honest I didn't expect any visitors other than Taehyung and Yoongi. They had seen me in Jungkook's clothes and would just tease me about it, but they usually just let me be since they knew that once my heat came, somehow Jungkook's scent would be able to help me get through the pain.

"Oh my God I'm so sorry! I promise that I'll dry-clean your shirt before giving it back to you. I really had nothing to wear since I had washed all of my t-shirts and this is the only shirt left and – and..."

I tried reasoning but reluctantly stopped when he still didn't move his gaze towards me. I started to squirm uncomfortably under his stare.

I had realized by now, that he was actually looking through my body underneath his shirt.

It was true that he had seen me naked before, but he had never bothered to look too much because – you know – his rut was his priority.

And having him watching me when he was fully conscious was definitely nerve-wrecking even though I was not technically naked.

"Uhh Mr. Jeon?" I called for him timidly, my hands slowly moved to stretch the shirts a bit trying to cover my bruised neck and thighs, and he quickly snapped out from his gaze and properly looked at my probably-now-blushed face.

"Please come inside. I'll make you a cup of coffee," I said slowly and hesitantly walked pass him and made my way to the kitchen.

As soon as I reached the kitchen, I took deep breaths to calm myself down from this unexpected situation and started to make coffee for Jungkook just the way he liked it.

I thought he was going to wait in the living room, but my heart nearly dropped again when I turned around to see him staring right into my soul while sitting at the kitchen island.

'Why is he acting like this? If he keeps on staring I don't think I would be able to hold it any longer before my wolf takes over and jump on him'

After I finished making the coffee, I pushed the cup carefully towards him and decided to stay standing opposite him across the kitchen island.

One, because the only empty chair that was available was the seat beside him and I was too afraid to get close to him.

And two, at least I could temporarily hide my exposed legs from being stared by him the whole time by staying behind the kitchen island.

I lowered my gaze not wanting to look into his eyes while he sipped his coffee. As soon as I heard he put his cup down, I started to play with my fingers out of habit when I was nervous.

"I'm sorry, but is there anything wrong, Mr. Jeon? I'm sorry if I had made any mistakes on the paperwork that I had submitted to you before I took my leave." I mumbled as I stared at my hands.

I didn't hear him leaving his seat and was shocked when his hand suddenly touched my fingers stopping my action. I looked up only to stare directly into the eyes of the gorgeous alpha.

My heart rate increased rapidly, uninvited.

"Relax, Jimin. You didn't do anything wrong." He smiled gently, trying to calm me down.

No way in hell I could relax in this situation!

He was so close to me that I could clearly smell his intoxicating scent and it was driving me crazy. I bet he could hear my heartbeat thumping loudly against my rib cage.

"Uh...uhm, so why are you here then?" I heard my voice getting shakier when Jungkook stepped closer towards me.

Even though the only contact between us was his hand placed onto mine, I could basically feel the heat radiating off his body due to our close distance.

"I just want to spend time with you," he said confidently without looking away. My eyes widened slightly hearing the words that just left his mouth.

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