Part 8

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Warning: Full smut chapter

Jungkook's POV

I woke up by the touch I felt on my semi-hard member. I looked up at the clock and it was around two o'clock in the morning.

Since this morning which was yesterday, I have been helping Jimin non-stop and the amount of sex we did was countless, and I think it was more than the time I had my rut but who am I to complain. This was the first time Jimin got help from someone during his heat and I was the cause of it.

I turned my gaze to my now-harden dick only to be presented by a naked and horny Jimin giving me the best blowjob like he always has. I threw my head back when he deep throated me, but I came to my conscious that I was the one who should please Jimin this time, not the other way around.

"Come up here Jimin, you don't have to do that," I said as I pulled his face away from my member and kissed him roughly. He returned the kiss while grinding his ass on my hard rock member, making me groaned at the feel.

I grabbed him and laid him on the bed without breaking the kiss, but he rolled back up so that I was the one laying down.

"What is it baby?" I breathed hard and rest my back on the bed headboard as he continued grinding on me.

"I want to ride you, alpha" he moaned and looked at me waiting for my permission. As soon as I nodded my head, he quickly positioned himself and slid down on my cock.

Jimin closed his eyes and moaned at the feeling of me filling him up, looking so lewd and tempting.

Damn, he looked so hot and I felt so high inhaling his sweet scent.

His moans were killing me. If I didn't put my mind to it, I could easily loose control and hurt Jimin.

I did lost control this morning when I first did him, but luckily Jimin was too horny to mind it. I had never seen him so needy but now that I've seen it, I regret a little not knowing about this earlier.

I have been wanting to touch him since I got into the house yesterday. His curves were totally visible when he was in my white shirt. Thanks to the sunlight shining behind him at the balcony, I had to calm myself a number of times not to jump on him whenever his scent hit my nose.

I grunted when he rolled his hip and continued riding my cock, throwing his head back giving me a full view of his bruised neck filled with hickeys made by me.

I felt proud knowing that I was the one who gave this pleasure to this precious omega in front of me.

The scene of him at the market suddenly flashed through my mind and my grip on his hip tighten and I thrusted my hips upward getting deeper inside Jimin and hit his prostate.

He moaned loudly, and his head fell onto my shoulder being unable to support himself anymore.

I continued abusing his hole while my mind was trying to calm myself remembering the beta who dared to touch what's mine.

I turned him around and fully took over to please the moaning omega under me.

"A-alpha! Uhhh s-so goo-ahh! Haahh!" he screamed and threw his arms around me scratching my back, making me growl at the sensation.

"You're mine, Jimin." I gritted out and rammed into his hole again.

"Alpha! Aahh I-I'm clo- ahh!" he wrapped his legs tighter and his hole also tighten around me as he was nearing his climax.

"Cum, Jimin" After a few thrusts, we reached our high and I released inside him filling him up for the hundredth's times today. I rode out my high but stayed inside him and waited until he fell asleep.

He snuggled closer to my body, and from his scent I could make out that his heat has ended.

I heard soft snores coming from Jimin and I slowly pulled out from him. He whimpered a little due to my action but didn't wake up. I guess he was too tired. Me too. I didn't know that an omega's heat was this intense.

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. I wet a towel to clean Jimin up and looked at my body from the mirror.

It was filled with scratches and bruises made by Jimin. It hurt but I didn't mind since I knew that I would heal fast.

These scratches were nothing to an alpha.

If a small and fragile omega like Jimin was able to do this to me when he was in his heat, it meant that what I did to Jimin was way worse when I was in my rut. I was definitely stronger and more well-build compared to him.

I walked up to him and gently wiped his body without waking him up. I felt guilty looking at his body that was still covered with bruises from my last rut.

Taehyung was right.

Jimin deserved better.

Thus, I would do my best to become better too. To make up all the times I ignored him before.

With that last thought in my mind, I got into the bed and scooped Jimin closer to my body. I sighed contently feeling his body close to mine and slowly drifted into slumber.

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