Part 9

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Jimin POV

I slowly opened my eyes when I felt movement beside me. Jungkook stirred in his sleep and hugged me closer to his body. His warmth was so calming that I couldn't believe if this was true or just a dream.

My heat had ended, and I didn't feel hurt other than feeling sore on my lower abdomen proving that last night's event was true.

Jungkook helped me.

I blushed at the thought and felt my heartbeat increasing. I got so embarrassed and luckily Jungkook was still asleep so he could not witness my red face this early in the morning.

Or not.

Suddenly my body was pushed away from his and my face was totally exposed to Jungkook's sight.

I covered my whole face quickly because of my blush and other than the fact that I would look very ugly in the morning as usual.


Oh my god his voice, I'm melting.

I could feel my face getting hotter but opened my fingers to peek at the just awaken alpha.

The word sexy was too underrated for Jungkook. He was beyond sexy. How can someone look this hot early in the morning?

He was looking straight at me with his hooded eyes before he chuckled.

"You might want to calm down or your ribcage wouldn't be able to hold your heart anymore, baby"

What the – how can he change this drastically just because Taehyung scold him once?! If I knew it, I would have blown up in the office sooner!

My blush intensified at the nickname and the fact that I was still naked under the blanket didn't help either. He pulled my hand away from my face without much effort and stared at my blushed face.

"You're beautiful Jimin. Don't hide your face from me," he said as he caressed my face and pecked my forehead.

He pecked my forehead?! Oh my gosh, I could die now and don't even care anymore.

He got up and moved away and I unintentionally let out a whine before I could hold myself.

He turned to look at me and chuckled again.

"Don't worry baby, I'm not going anywhere. I'm just going to fetch you a bottle of water. You look like you need it after all those screaming yesterday," He smirked and went to get the said bottle.

I pulled the blanket up to my face to hide from embarrassment.

Who is this?! Is this the same Jungkook I've known? He was such a tease!

"Here Jimin. Let me help you," As soon as he said that, the blanket was pulled away from my face and he lifted me gently and went to sit behind me.

He let me lean onto his body and guided the bottle to my mouth for me to drink.

I didn't know how thirsty I was until I felt the cold water reached my tongue. I gulped down nearly emptying all the content and sighed when I finished, feeling a little hydrated.

Jungkook brought the bottle to his mouth and finished all the remaining water before crumpling the bottle and effortlessly threw it into the dustbin next to the bed.

"Better?" I heard Jungkook asked from behind and I nodded in response.

Without asking, he lifted me up and I circled his neck involuntarily afraid that I would fall off. I looked at him questioning his action and he just smiled at me.

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