Part 12

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Warning: Smut

Jungkook's POV

After about twenty minutes, the food arrived. I slowly woke Jimin up from his slumber.

"Jimin, wake up. Let's eat, okay?" I brought my hand to his face, removing some of his hair that was covering his eyes.

He stirred from his sleep and slightly opened his sparkling eyes. I stayed quiet when he stared at me without saying anything.

My heart nearly burst when he suddenly smiled sweetly at me with his eye-smile.

Not only that, he took my hand that was still on his cheek, softly kissed my palm and greeted me with slight blush on his cheeks.

"Hello, Jungkook,"

"H-hello Jimin,"

Fuck. I can't get hard now.

Damn, Jungkook. Control yourself!

It was hard enough not to pounce on him when he had smiled so cutely at the café when I let him eat with his friends. I harshly snatched my hand away from Jimin's hold and instantly regret it when I saw the change in his facial expression.

"W-why? D-did I do something wrong?" There were already tears forming in his eyes threatening no spill due to my action.

"No no no no. Fuck, no Jimin, you didn't do anything wrong baby," I quickly lifted his body up and placed him onto my lap, so that he was straddling me on the bed.

"I'm sorry if you don't like it when I slept on your bed," he muttered between his muffled sobs in the crook of my neck.

His heavy breaths on my neck was making it harder for me to handle myself.

"No baby, in fact I actually liked it a little too much," I said honestly and felt Jimin's sobs slowed down and he moved away slightly to look at my face.

"W-what do you mean?" he looked at me with his slightly red nose and glassy eyes due to the sudden crying and I can't stop myself any longer.

I pressed his body down on my hard member, and from the way he blushed and the increase of his heartbeat, I knew he understood me now.

"That's what I meant," I growled lowly in his ears and felt him shuddered under my hold. He dug his fingers onto my shoulders when I started to give him sloppy kisses along his neck and shoulder.

Our make out session was getting hotter but was interrupted by the sudden growl coming from Jimin's stomach.

I let out a small laugh while Jimin buried his face onto my neck to hide his evident blush.

Seriously, he blushed too much. Is it actually a disease?

"Let's just fill up your stomach first before it gets upset, okay? I'll take a quick shower to calm myself down,"

"Sorry," he whispered softly, still feeling embarrassed.

"No, it's okay Jimin. After all, you need to replenish all your energy if we are going to have our next round," I teased, and he blushed again.

I've decided that my favorite hobby from now on is to make Jimin blush. But I'll stop if it actually affects his health. I don't want my omega to fall sick.

After I calmed down with the cold shower, we headed to the kitchen where the food was placed. Luckily, I placed them in the microwave earlier because I thought that Jimin would be hard to wake.

"Pizza!" Jimin exclaimed happily and the shy Jimin just now was nowhere to be found anymore. What's left was only the excited and hungry Jimin who was currently drooling over the pizza.

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