Jikook with Namjoon

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Jimin's POV

"Oh Jimin, thank goodness you're back!" Namjoon let out a big sigh and lifted his arms dramatically while running towards me. He pulled me into a hug, nearly suffocating me in the process.

"I nearly died being suffocated by all the works," he said as he continued to hug my body tightly.

I tapped on his back repeatedly to tell him to let go.

"L-let go! Can't...b-breath"

If he didn't let me go this instant, I was sure I'll be dead due to suffocation. Literally.

He seemed to finally realize his doings, so he immediately let go.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Got too excited there," he smiled sheepishly while rubbing the back of his neck.

I took a while to catch up my breath and smiled back at Namjoon.

"Do you know that Jungkook leaves all the work to me and go on a vacation right after you left last Wednesday? I don't know why he suddenly decided to use his annual leave since he had never done that before." He complained and keep on rambling without knowing anything about my relationship with Jungkook.

I awkwardly laugh knowing that I was the reason of Jungkook's sudden absence, but my heart was also flattered to the news of Jungkook using his annual leave for me. Namjoon kept on rambling about one of the clients who was so picky, but I didn't pay too much attention to that.

"However, now that you're here I can finally breath again. Let's go Jimin, we've got lots of things to do,"

Namjoon concluded all his rants and grabbed my hand to drag me to the lift. After a few steps my movement came to a halt when my hand was pulled from the back, making me bumped onto a hard surface.

I looked up only to be faced by a sharp jaw owned by none other than the Jeon Jungkook himself.

"Jungkook, you're back! Morning," Namjoon greeted. He was kind of weirded out by the situation but brushed it off since Jungkook's presence was more appreciated in his case.

"Morning Namjoon," Jungkook replied and I could feel the vibration from his chest when he talked. His voice was deep and husky as it was still early in the morning. I couldn't decipher the look on his face, but I kept my eyes on him without doing anything until Jungkook looked down to face me.

"Morning, Jimin"

"M-morning Ju-Mr. Jeon," I stuttered nearly calling Jungkook by his name and moved away from his chest. I stepped closer to Namjoon and none of us had said anything after that. It was getting awkward but luckily the lift arrived, so I hurriedly stepped into the lift.

Namjoon and Jungkook then followed closely behind and the lift door closed, making its way to our office.

"Namjoon," Jungkook suddenly called and I flinched a little hearing his voice. I peeked to the lift wall to catch a glance of Jungkook's face from the reflection, too intimidated to look at his face directly.

"Yes, Jungkook," Namjoon seemed unfazed by Jungkook's voice though. He answered so leisurely, probably because they had been working together for a long time.

"Send me all the pending paperwork that you haven't completed, and we'll go through it together after lunch,"

"Yeah, sure. But why not now though?" Namjoon queried and I silently agreed.

Why though? He usually liked to finish everything as soon as possible so why not do it immediately?

"I need to have a word with Jimin this morning," I was shocked at the mention of my name and turned my head to look at Jungkook who was already staring right into my eyes.

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