Jungkook with Jimin

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A few months before Taehyung's outburst.

Jungkook's POV

I woke up with Jimin in my embrace. My rut usually ends in the middle of the night and I always woke up around 4 o'clock in the morning.

I got up and did my routine that I usually did after I spent the night with Jimin.

I cleaned myself and wore the spare clothes that I purposely left in his house for this kind of situation.

I walked towards Jimin who were fast asleep and carefully lifted him up to clean him next, but he was hugging the pillow that I used to sleep.

I tried to pull the pillow away, but he was hugging it too tight like his life was depending on it.

"Jimin, let go. I need to clean you up," I whispered, not really expecting a response from his side.

He whined in pain as I proceeded removing the pillow quite harshly from his grip and I was shocked when he cried in his sleep.

Did he have a bad dream?

I carried him up anyway, and his sobbed soon subsided while he was in my arms.

His body was full of bruises, but I assumed he recovered well every time. Because the very next week he came back to the office, he was his cheerful self.

After cleaning him up, I wrapped his body with a clean warm bathrobe without waking him up and brought him to the guest room.

I need to clean the main room after what we did.

As I placed him on the bed, he stirred in his sleep, but I could see that he was in pain with every movement he made.

The scene made me feel guilty for a second, but I knew that the pain will subside soon.

Jimin was a werewolf after all.

I stood at the side of the bed for a while without doing anything.

Just looking at the sleeping omega.

He seemed like he was grasping for something, but I couldn't pinpoint on anything.

I tried to make him rest on a better position since he seemed to be in a lot of pain, so I adjusted the pillows and comforter around him.

At that moment I felt a soft pull on my shirt, and I looked down to see his small hands grabbing my shirt and brought it closer to him.

I tried to remove his hands off my shirt but was stopped when I heard mumblings from Jimin.

"It – hurts"

His beautiful voice was so hoarse that it cracked my heart a little when I heard his cry.

I admitted that I had very little control over myself when my rut came, and my actions towards Jimin were all blurry when I gained my consciousness back.

But I could somehow figure out that all the things I did to him were harsh and even violent when I looked at the bruises that were formed all over his body.

However, I never had the courage to apologize to him for what I did.

Somewhere in me said that it was his job as my omega to serve me during my rut, but the other half knew that I was wrong for treating him like that.

I was going back and forth fighting with myself about apologizing to Jimin.

However, after the week ended, the omega always returned to me cheerful as usual, making me think that he was okay on how he was being treated right now.

Resulting in me, never apologizing to the omega in front of me right now. Not even a single sorry.

It crossed my mind on how he managed himself along the week he was absent from work.

Looking at his condition, I didn't think he can manage himself alone.

Did he hire a maid?

No, with his current living style and his income, I doubt he could hire a maid for a week length.

Did his family come by and nurse him?

No, that's not possible. I remembered in his resume that his hometown was in Busan. There's no way his single mother could come to the city every month, leaving his little siblings behind for a week.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I felt another tug from Jimin. He pulled my shirt close to his face and I realized that he was sniffing my scent.

It occurred to me that omega usually depended on their alpha's scent for comfort when they were in pain.

So, maybe that's what Jimin's trying to do when he was hugging my pillow. And pulling my shirt. Because they got my scent on them.

To think about it, even I was calmed down by Jimin's scent when I was near my rut. Usually when my rut was nearing, I easily lose my temper and to manage it, I regularly called Jimin into my room and made him do his work there.

With Jimin's scent filling up my room, I was in better control over my temper and could focus more on my jobs.

I sat down at the side of the bed and carefully caressed his hair out of his face. Jimin leaned into my touch so naturally and soon, his furrowed eyebrows eased down as he seemed to find his comfort from me.

Suddenly, Jimin looked so small and weak in my eyes.

I need to protect him at all cost.

The thought crossed my mind so effortlessly like it was already planted in my mind since forever.

Wait. What just did cross my mind?

I shook my head in strong denial after I had that thought.

No. I can't have that thought right now. I need to focus on my job. I need to prove to my father that I am worth being his son.

The pure alpha breed.

I have names and reputation to keep.

I couldn't let an omega like Jimin to become my weakness and ruin what I had worked on for so long.

Even though he was my mate.

I took my hands away from the sleeping omega without caring about his reaction and left the room.

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