Chapter 4

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"Come on Austin" we got out of the golf kart and Austin stared at Dave

I did hear the head councillor and Austin talk about his past and there was a lot of rumours going about last year about him and Jessica.

I held onto Cat's hand and walked inside the busy cafeteria full of all  kinds of people, some of their dominants made their submissives or as they would call it 'slave' sit on the floor.

Austin walked towards the food and it smelt delicious, Austin turned towards Cat

"Catalina what would you like?" He asked as he picked up a plate

"Umm pasta please" she smiled cutely and Austin placed the pasta on the plate

"Oops excuse me, excuse me!" I heard a girly voice behind me

I moved out the way to see a blonde girl

"Austin hi" it sounded so rehearsed

He turned towards her and then turned back, he didn't even look bothered about her.

"I can't believe you're back" she hugged her, another man came from behind her

"Austin.. no hard feelings man" you could hear the joy in his voice

He pulled Catalina over to an empty table with Myles, Elliot and Braxton following him

"Why did he not give a fuck??" The man replied

"Maybe it's because he doesn't give a shit about you two anymore" I walked off.


That was so fucking embarrassing, I could see all my old friends sitting on a table near the door and then Jessica and Damien came up to me, It didn't even both me anymore, I have Catalina now.

"Catalina eat" she was just staring at her food

She picked up her knife and started shoving the pasta into her mouth.

"Hey guys" Dave came up to our table and sat down

"Hi beautiful" Catalina blushed and tried to hide her face


"Aren't you suppose to be doing something?" Austin ate something and looked away

"Nope" Dave said

Austin started talking to Dave about his cars, I looked towards Catalina and smiled

Elliot was playing with Catalina making her giggle, a few times Austin looked over and smiled a little bit.

"Are you done? I picked up my plate and then Elliott's

"Yeah thanks mate" I picked up Catalina and Austin's plate and put them on top

I stood up and took the plates over to this little tray and came back over

Austin then stood up and picked up a sleepy Catalina

"Bye Dave I'll see you tomorrow man" Dave smiled as he said something into the walky talky

"Bye" Catalina waved

We walked back to the cabin, it was now pitch black so Austin was now using the torch on his phone

"Are you scared" Catalina was now in my arms

"No-" she looked around.

We got inside our warm cosy cabin, I followed Elliot to the couch and everyone followed, Catalina began to yawn

"Catalina I think it's time you go to sleep" Austin looked at his watch

"Ok-okay can someone come with me?" She scratched her head

"I'll go" Braxton stood up and followed her upstairs

"Night" Braxton shouted from the top of the staircase


"Night" I shouted from the top of the stairs and heard a chorus of Goodnights back

Cat went into the bathroom to get changed into a t-shirt and shorts, I was just in my underwear and hopped into the giant bed

Cat came out of the bathroom and slowly walked to the bed, she got in and I pulled her closer, she immediately fell asleep obviously having a very stressful day.

I must of fell asleep a little bit after that because i woke up to someone laughing

"Guys shh" I looked down and was grateful she was still sleeping

"Sorry Elliot just fell" Elliot got up and walked over to the bed, he of course smiled out of embarrassment

Austin got on the other side of Catalina and Theo, Myles and Elliot got in behind me

"Myles get off me" he had randomly cuddled into me

"But Braxtonnnn" he groaned obviously joking

"Goodnight Guys" that's the last thing I heard before I fell asleep again

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