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Haze took me to a building, similar to Ace's. "Our mafia is called the Vipers, specifically because we're all quiet, fast and sneaky. It's okay if you're not perfect at everything first time around, you'll get there eventually" he explained positively as he showed me around. He showed me the room where they spar boxing, throw knives, shoot and they also did pain tolerance tests.

"I'm not much good at fighting" I admitted shyly as we walked around. "That's fine, you'll probably exceed at everything else" he smiled at me, making me feel better about this whole situation. I was basically thrown out from one Mafia into another within two days.

"Is that why Ace wouldn't place you onto the fighting squad?" Haze raised his eyebrow at me. "Yeah, I think so" I lied while staring at the floor.

"This is Nina, she'll be showing you to your room" Haze introduced me to a tall, dark skinned girl with tight curly hair that rested just above her shoulders. She looked really intimidating but was actually really nice so far; She looked eerily similar to Haze from her facial features and smile.

"Hey, I'm Nina as Haze said" she rolled her eyes at him, earning a smile from me. "Haze doesn't usually recruit new people like this, maybe it's because you're really pretty" Nina raised her eyebrows at Haze. "She's good at knives" Haze smirked confidently. "Oh so you're good at Haze's specialty" Nina smiled at me. "Better" I winked at her. She let a giggle slip before seeing Haze's unimpressed look. "He knows it too" I smiled at Haze jokingly.

He grinned and rolled his eyes before saying "I've never actually seen you throw, I'm just going off of someone's word" Haze glared at me playfully. "I can't take anymore of this flirting" Nina strolled out of the room. "You coming?" Nina asked me. "Yeah" I jogged after her leaving Haze behind as he watched me run after her.

"We weren't flirting back there, just so you know. I wouldn't want to get his hopes up" I quickly said, hoping not to give her the wrong idea. "That was flirting" Nina snickered. "Haze likes you though, I can tell by his extra cocky attitude" she admitted to me as we walked down the hall of bedrooms. At least I'm assuming they're bedrooms. "Is he not always cocky?" I asked confused. "I'm his twin sister, trust me" Nina rolled her eyes at the thought of her twin brother but also had a slight smile which told me they got along.

I immediately erupted into laughter. "What is she?" she chuckled at me laughing . "I thought you two had a thing" I leaned into her shoulder while laughing. She threw me a disgusted look before shaking her head. "Ew that's so gross" she raised an eyebrow before shuddering after we finished laughing.

"Haze requested to have your room next to his, so enjoy" she uttered sarcastically with a wink before opening my bedroom door. The room was nice, very bland but nice nonetheless.

I sat on the bed as the musty smell of the room overwhelmed me. I couldn't get Ace out of my head but I had no choice; I just had to suck it up for as long as I could. It's a new chapter of my life and I don't need him in it but the thought of him was making him was making me painfully horny. We didn't even get to fuck before I left. I know for a fact he's amazing in bed just by what he could do with his fingers. Plus he's had practice, a lot of practice.

I wonder if Haze is good in bed......

"Alright new recruits, official training starts tonight, we'll find out what your specialty is but we'll start with knife throwing which we need more people in if we want to become better than Ace's Mafia" Haze smiled cheekily at me through the crowd of people.

Someone told Haze I was good at knife throwing which was true, I was really goo. It was probably my favorite out of all of them.

"After this it's hand to hand combat, I want to see how much you know before training and then we will progress from there" Haze announced before taking us over to the knife throwing area.

We all lined up, one by one, throwing knives at the people. We were doing it on the baby course and people couldn't even get the knife to stick to the fucking board.

"If any of you guys can make this throw, I'll take you to the advanced course" Haze teased me, knowing I wanted to go to the advanced course to check it out. Plus, I hated the baby course, it was too easy.

It was finally my turn. My brother's taught me a saying for throwing knives; one for the heart, one for the head and one for wherever you wanted to hit.

I took grip of the knives.

I threw the first one, landing dead centre of the heart shape drawn on the wood. Haze nodded his head in approval but I don't think he was impressed, it takes a lot to impress a Mafia leader with your skills. You need to have what they're looking for, if you don't, well then that's unlucky. Next I flung the knife into the head and then the last one into his throat. Haze smirked before wiping it off his face so I couldn't see it.

"Why did you choose the throat?" Haze smirked, questioning me even though he knew exactly why I did it. "So that he can't scream for help.....and he bleeds out faster" I announced confidently infront of the group. "Well she's Haze's favourite now" I heard someone scoff. Correction, I was already his favourite.

It's weird how quickly Haze changed. Everything about him shifted from his personality to his attractiveness. Yes I did find him very appealing but unlike Ace, I'm not going to keep my distance, if I end up catching feelings for him, I'll let him know.

"Now it's time for the hand to hand combat" Haze was almost warning us. "I'll put you up against eachother and then up against one of my best trained people to see how you........ manage against them" as Haze put it.

I watched a few people fight. They were definitely better at fighting than knife throwing. I was going to have to step up my game.

"Sofia vs Taylor" Haze announced scanning the crowd, looking for me. "Yeah" I slipped under the ropes and into the ring. "Also here" Taylor, a girl with short blonde hair entered the ring. I can take her......hopefully.

"You're fighting eachother bare knuckle" Haze smirked evilly. "So enjoyyy".

I heard a bell ring. I got into my fighting stance and squared up to her, trying to be as intimidating as possible. I didn't show an ounce of emotion. I couldn't give off any subtle hints that I was about to swing.

She stepped forward, throwing her fist towards my face; I managed to dodge it but barley. I heard gasps from the crowd of newbies. I rolled my eyes at Taylor who let the smallest smile slip.

She stepped forward again so that was my signal she was about to punch. I ducked under her flying arm and forced my fist up into her jaw, uppercutting her. She stumbled back in a daze and confused. I let her gather herself.

She held her jaw in shock at how powerful I was. She was probably expecting me to be weak since I'm decently skinny. She swung at me, her fist colliding with my cheek.

The next thing I knew I was staring to the side,  looking down at the floor with blood dripping from my mouth. That's when I realised she has trained in boxing before.

Everyone was watching intensely as the tension grew bigger. She just pissed me off. I immediately stared at her, catching her off guard. She thought it would've hurt, little did she know my father hits twice as hard.

I was light on my feet, I wasn't about to let her win. She looked more confident in herself, let's wash that off her face. I forced her into a corner before hitting a brutal shot to her ribs. She winced in pain, almost falling to the ground. I took that opportunity to knock her out.

I immediately threw my fist at her, my punch connecting with her cheek. She fell to the floor with a thud, knocked unconscious.

I stared at the group who were in shock with their jaws open. I touched my lip with my fingers, only to see blood covering them. "Am I bleeding badly?" I asked Haze who looked a bit pale. "Yeah, can you not feel that?" He stared at me worriedly. "Nope" I shrugged wiping my lip with my own wrist.

"Come on, let's get you cleaned up, continue the rounds" Haze announced to one of his 'workers'. "Yes Boss" the guy practically sprinted over to the bell at Haze's orders.

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