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Flowers GROW back after they are
STEPPED on and so will I.


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          MORIKO HAS SURVIVED far too much to leave this world quietly.

At the blossoming age of thirteen years old, she watches as her clan, engulfed in smoke and flames, burns from the inside out. With the Fire Lord having extinguished the existence of her people, his own people, running away seems like her only solution. Equipped with her violent past and a blistering spark for revenge, Moriko rescinds herself from the corrupted island. She carries on through self—made promises, and her existence becomes nothing but gouging herself apart for the death of her people until all that remains is a dwindling soul that yearns for some form of retribution.

          Here's the thing, however: Moriko might have manifested to be just as much as a castigating, destructive psychopath as the Fire Lord. She doesn't believe in mercy or forgiveness. Not anymore. She doesn't count her blessings because they don't reach a second hand, her survival not even being present on the list. And she blames it on the man himself, of which she learned to not even flinch at the sensation of blood spraying upon her face. She's never really been soft, and she hasn't exactly been trying to recover the better version of herself; the version when her clan was still trekking the earth and preaching for peace between people and divine nature. She can't return to that. This wilted persona will endure until the Fire Lord's head is between her hands and a hollow snap rips through the air.

           Even so, one thing that she is able to maintain is patience. She may be rash and forthright, but she isn't dumb. She knows she can't bulldoze back into the Fire Nation and assassinate the very man who plagues her with the rage that rises up her throat like bile. So, when the Avatar appears in the abandoned city of Taku four years after the demise of her clan, hope rekindles in her veins and flares. This is one of those moments that she has anticipated her whole, measly life: to be plucked from her confines, to sharpen her thorns. In a world where peace and harmony no longer reign, Moriko may finally get the one thing she wants: vengeance.

It's dangerous, and mostly likely comes hand in hand with a death wish. And if this path is to result in her leave, she assures that, if not the Fire Lord's, her own end will be grand. She'll let the comet take her, calling the thunder for back up. The land will crack. The ocean will surge. The sun will eat itself up.

She will bring the Fire Nation to its knees.

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blood, violence, ptsd, child
abuse, explicit language,
mentions of death, torture,
and kidnapping.


okay!! so!! i originally had this pub–
lished in june and after some careful
consideration i've decided to rewrite
it. there are quite a few plot changes
i want to make, as well as some alter–
ations in regards to the timeline and
as well as moriko's characterization.

as of the moment, the chapters that i
had posted are currently in the process
of being reconstructed. it's going to be
a majority of minor changes, with one
or two major changes, so nothing too
drastic. that being said, i appreciate
all of the support i've been receiving,
as of late and since the beginning. it
truly means a lot to me. <3

dedicated to m. i love you.


2021 © soulfulkids
rewritten & republished

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