The Trees

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A man that was stood next to the Telmarine king pointed an accusing finger at my oldest sister and he announced to the anxious crowd that Susan had killed Miraz.

"Be ready!" Peter yelled at his army as all the archers around me drew their bows.

A Telmarine soldier ran towards Peter as his back was turned. I screeched his name to warn him, so loud that my throat was on fire.

He whipped round and killed the Telmarine quickly and with ease. Meanwhile, the guards that were originally stood by Miraz had galloped back to the rest of the Telmarine army.

"To arms, Telmar, to arms!" One of them screamed as they all thrust their weapons into the air and cheered.

Susan whisper shouted at me "Sit behind that tree, Sophie". I wanted to argue but she had a look on her face that I knew she would never for one second let me.

I ran behind a gorgeous blossom tree and and slid down on to my knees as the Telmarine army started charging towards my siblings.

"Archers to the ready!" I heard Susan yell even though everybody already had their bows sorted.

"Narnians charge!" Peter yelled as Caspian led another part of the army back into the how. Susan told me to go with the Telmar Prince so I ran to the edge of the ledge we were standing on. It was at least 12 feet from where Caspian was stood.

"I'll catch you!" Caspian told me and I had to trust him. I closed my eyes and somehow my thoughts went to dad and how he was so bravely fighting for us so I could at least be brave doing this tiny little thing. Before I knew it, I was falling through the air until I felt strong arms wrapped around me. I opened my eyes to see Caspian smiling down at me so I grinned back.

Caspian put me down but still kept hold of my hand as we ran into a tunnel underneath the battlefield. Slowly coming into my hearing range, I heard Peter counting at the top of his voice.

Caspian put me in a corner opposite from where the rest of the army were stood and told me to stay there. I sat on the floor and crossed my legs. The angle I was sat at made sure I could watch the door incase anyone came in but also so I could watch what Caspian and his army were about to do.

When Peter yelled "10!" Caspian told his army that it was time and they all started smashing the pillars that were keeping us from being buried alive. At first I thought they were so stupid but I realised I had to trust Caspian so I just sat back and watched.

They had created a pit in the ground that most of the Telmarine horses had fallen into and got injured. I ran forward to Caspian to tell him to help them but he pushed me off and told me that they would get help eventually.

The army charged into the pit and started fighting the Telmarine soldiers. Suddenly a shower of arrows flew down into the pit closely avoiding some of the narnian soldiers.

Two dwarfs ran forward and let a pathway of ground down to reveal an entrance that led directly into the pit. Caspian led the underground army out into the pit and they joined the fight.

"Charge!" Caspian shouted.

I ran up to the ledge and stood near the entrance but without technically leaving the how (so no one could tell me off).I watched the fight break out, including Reepicheep cleverly beating a Telmarine soldier.

Peter looked nervously back towards Susan before ordering our army "Back to the how!"

I stepped forward to follow as a boulder landed just inches from my foot. Just as I knelt down to inspect the bulbous rock, a sharp pain flew through my left arm.

I looked down at it to see a gash dribbling with blood. An arrow had sliced through my skin as it glided past my arm. Turning around, I saw it stick itself into a carving of Lucy and Aslan.

After hearing a yell, I whipped my head around to try and locate my siblings and make sure that they were fine. However, all I could see was one of the Telmarine army being tossed to the side by what looked like a tree. I do remember Lucy talking about how the trees used to be alive.

All of a sudden, I heard a great cracking and scraping behind me. As I turned myself towards it I saw a tree furrowing it's way out of the stone wall that encased the chamber. As I cocked my head to the side, the tree stopped as if it had seen me. After finishing its burying through the wall, it wound itself into a a circle with a hole in the middle large enough for me.

A few moments later, when it had finished, it waited patiently for me to get in. Well, that's what I assumed, at least. I took one last glance at my siblings who seemed to be filled with a new found hope and  I bounced over to the willow cradle.

I clambered in and snuggled down. It was the comfiest bed I believe I have ever been it (if you could call it a bed). I glanced around the room at the gorgeously carved inscriptions of my siblings travels one final time before falling into the deepest slumber of my life.

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