Cheater!ColeX Reader: Another Chance

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🚨It mentions drugs!!🚨


It's been a year since you left Cole and settled in a small subdivision in Ninjago, opening your little shop in a small little part of town.

You haven't truly gotten over him, then again, who does? You had been together for four years and then you find out he was cheating on you for heaven knows how long.

"Thank you for coming sir, have a good day." You said, bowing with a small smile.

"Good day to you Y/N."

The day was ending, and once again a hooded figure walked into the store, walking the shelves.

You paid him no mind. Ever since he had walked into your store three months ago, you've grown used to him, seeing as how he never stole anything. The only problem was the stares. He would stare at you for many minutes, once even an hour before walking out of the store.

His stares sent chills through your skin. But still, since he never stole or made any moves, you ignored it.

A tap brought you out of your memories, startled to find the hooded man at the counter, a silver necklace on the desk.

You scanned it. It was very strange, he had never bought anything before.

"Will that be all sir?" You asked, smiling.

He nodded, not a single sound from his lips. You placed the necklace into a plastic bag as he pulled a couple of dollars from his pocket. The perfect amount, right down to the cent. You took the money, placing it into the cash register.

"Thank you, sir, have a good day."

He nodded, walking out of the door. You sighed, shaking your head and continuing with the next customer.


That night, you flipped the sign to closed, locking the door. Hugging the strap of your purse, you rushed down the street to your little apartment.

You felt uneasy like eyes were burning into your skin.

You hurried to your apartment, going to shut the door when a foot wedged between the door and the frame. You gasped in horror as the person on the other side forced open the door, stepping inside and closing it, turning so the lock clicked. He suddenly grabbed you, pulling you into his chest as you stood frozen. It was the man from the shop.

You gasped as his lips pressed against yours, his tongue slipping past the seam of your lips, sparking shivers to run up and down your spine. You sighed into the kiss as he separated from you.

"Finally........" A deep voice rasped from underneath the hood. "After all this time, I finally can taste your lips again."

You froze.


He grabbed the hood, pulling it away to reveal the face of the man you still loved.

"Baby girl......"

He kissed you again, holding your chin. You grunted, jerking your face when he pulled away.

"What are you doing?!" You snapped, struggling against his arms.

"What does it look like?" He asked with a small smile. "I'm kissing the girl I love."

"Bull! You love Nya! Isn't that why you cheated on me!? Because she could give you what I couldn't?!"

His smile fell, his eyes swirling with hurt.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I love you, baby, I still do---"

"Then why did you cheat on me?!"

He hesitated, swallowing.

"She threatened to make you break up with me. She said that she could crop pictures of me doing drugs and stuff."

You choked back a whimper, turning your head away. Your heart stung in betrayal. But still...

"Let me go, Cole, I don't need you anymore."

He went rigid.

"I've been perfectly fine without you." Your chest squeezed. "You need to--"

He pressed his hand against your mouth, cutting off your sentence.

"Please Y/N," He begged. "Don't finish that sentence."

Your heart skipped, nodding. Slowly, he removed his hand from your mouth, leaning his forehead against yours.

"Y/N," He sighed. "This past year has been torture.....when I found out you left I was a wreck. I couldn't fight, I couldn't work, I couldn't even eat right." He looked into your eyes. "When I found you, do you know how hard it was not to wrap you in my arms and beg for your forgiveness?" He gave a little scoff. "You wouldn't have liked that. I had to wait. I had to wait for the right time."

"Where does barging into my home dressed like a stalker come into play?" You asked.

He grimaced.

"Knowing you, you would have hated it if I had made a scene. I had to do it in private so you wouldn't feel like you were forced to say yes just to seem like a good person." He gazed into your eyes, tears pricking the corner of his own. "If you say no again, I'll leave, but please...."

He placed his head on your shoulder.

"Please........please Y/N......give me another chance. Give me a chance to prove myself to you!"

You choked back a sob.

"What if you cheat on me willingly next time!? I don't want my heart broken again!"

"I won't!" He cupped your face in his hands, stroking your cheek slowly. "I swear I will prove to you that I will remain loyal for the rest of our lives, I'll stay by your side every day! I love you Y/N!"

You hesitated.

"Please Y/N."

You sucked in a shaky breath, nodding slightly.

"I'll give you a chance. But only one."

His smile made your heart burst as tears began to spill from his eyes.

"Thank you so much, baby. I promise I'll never break your heart again." He whispered, his body physically relaxing.

You buried your face into his shoulder, your tears soaking the fabric.

"I hate myself for still loving you."

He scoffed out a laugh.

"I know baby." He pressed a kiss to your temple. "But I'll change that."


Sucky ending but I finally finished this one! So sorry it took so long! Please Enjoy!

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