Headache 0.2

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No one's POV

"Please...h-help...it hurts....I...."

He couldn't hold it anymore, he gave up.He fell to the grown, the gang saw him they were shocked and without further more they quickly run towards him.

"BOBOIBOY!!!!!!" Shouted all of them together.

Fang:"Gopal help me carry him, we must bring him back home"

Yaya:"me and Ying will go to the cocotiam and tell Tok Aba and Ochobot about this"

Fang:"ok, meet you at Boboiboy's place"

They separated where they found Boboiboy, Yaya and Ying went to the coco stan to tell Tok Aba and Ochobot about what happened to Boboiboy while the other two boys,Fang and Gopal send him to his house.

At Boboiboy's room.

They arrived at his place and quickly go to his room and lay him on the bed.

Fang:"let him rest and meet the others down stairs"


Both headed down stairs to wait for the rest. It didn't took long to wait for them when the front door slam open by someone that is Tok Aba followed with Ochobot, Yaya and Ying. He look really worried and rush to them, asking about his grandson's condition.

Tok Aba:"is Boboiboy fine??how he's doing??"

Fang:"he's fine and sleeping in his room now, don't need to worry much"

Tok Aba:"it's that so.... I'm glad he didn't get hurt"

Ochobot:"what exactly happened?"

Fang:"well at first we....."

After the gang told Tok Aba and Ochobot about where they found him.

Fang:"that's the story"

Ochobot:"so you want to buy something for Boboiboy before going here,then you saw him running out of the store and the last thing you saw he pass out on the street?"

Gopal:"that's about it"

Ochobot:"well the good thing is he's fine and asleep"

Tok Aba:"yeah,thank you everyone"

Fang:"there's nothing to thank us,we're his friends and friends always there for each other"

Tok Aba:"would you like to have dinner with us? As a thank you sign"

Ying"I'm sorry,but I have a family reunion dinner tonight, my grandparents from China are coming here"

Yaya:"me too, I promise to my mom I bake with her after school"

Gopal:"tonight Amma will cook her delicious curry, I can't wait to eat it~!"

Tok Aba:"is that's so...well its ok, how about you Fang?"

Fang:"hmm?oh... I have something to do too, sorry Tok Aba"

The Gang except Fang:"yeah we're sorry!"

Tok Aba:"it's ok, it's ok~ I understand...it's getting late now, you better head back"

The gang:"ok, see you later Tok Aba,Ochobot!, next time we will have dinner together!"

After that the gang walk out of the house while waving to them and headed back to their house.
Tok Aba along with Ochobot wave back also went inside the house to eat dinner.(only Tok Aba, Ochobot is a robot and robots can't eatᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)

End of POV

The next day

Boboiboy wake up and realize he was in his room. He was confused.

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