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Boboiboy walk to answer the door, to see who was it. At the front door, there he open it.

Boboiboy:"sorry to keep you-"

???:"hello Boboiboy! , good morning "

Greeted by a raven haired boy
,along with a boy who was wearing a green head band and two girls, one wearing a pink hijab and the other wear blue glasses. Its was none other then the gang, Fang, Gopal, Yaya and Ying.

Boboiboy:"good morning too, why are you doing here?"

Fang:"We come to see you"

Yaya:"how are you?"

Boboiboy:"I'm fine"*smile

Fang:"haha,glad to hear-"

Gopal:"dey! Why did you pass out all of the sudden yesterday?!"

Boboiboy:"o-oh...umm it's cause of a headache...?"

Gopal:"if your sick don't go outside,who knows what will happend to you"

Boboiboy:"errr...haha"*sweat drop while laughing awkwardly

Fang:"don't mind him, he's just worried about you"

Boboiboy:" come inside if you like, it's only me here, Atok and Ochobot are working.I go make-"

Fang:"it's ok, you don't have to, we only want to see you. We're going to the cocotiam after this, would you like to come?"

Boboiboy:"I'll pass, I'm not allowed to go out without Atok knowing"

Gopal:"he wouldn't mind if you're with us"

Yaya:"yeah, then what do you say?"

Boboiboy:"sorry but my answer is still no"

Ying:"we understand, we don't have to force you anyway"

Fang:"guess we be going now, see you later Boboiboy"

Boboiboy:"yeah,see you"

The gang continues to the cocotiam. Leaving boboiboy, who was sitting on the couch proced what he was doing that is watching television.

Boboiboy P.O.V

I continue what I was doing.
While watching some channels. My head started to ache again but this time it's really painful.

I put my hands on my head and close my eyes to prevent it from aching but it won't stop. Why is my head so painful, I thought. Then I started to have this memories of me with four people and a yellow sphere shape robot. I don't know what their names were, but I could feel I've meet them before.

"W-who are they?w-why I feel I know them?"I open my eyes to see the whole room was white. Then there was a boy with a cap like me. Wait it is me.

"Why I'm over there?" I was on a flouting island... And...fighting? With who?

Then the scenery change to me fighting with an alien,called Bora ra he was holding a yellow sphere.

Wait. I really have powers?. I shrugged the power part and watch the memories in front of me.

The battle ended with me winning the whole fight by sending him into his black hole.

I was holding the yellow sphere in my arms, while tears flowing down my cheeks. I was blaming myself for everything.The four people-no they're my friends,they stand there pity me.

"Is... This my memories? But how could I not remember them at all?"

The scenery continue, the fight wasn't over. Someone hold my arms-it was him... He managed to avoid being sucked but only for a moment, he pulled me with him.

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