Chapter 5

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I woke up to the birds chirping.

Braxton and Austin had their arms tightly around me it was quite comfortable and warm.

Another bird chirped and I heard a groan

"Omg shut the fuck up" Elliot rubbed his eyes

I giggled and one of the arms around me tightened

"Good morning Elliot" Austin grumbled

Elliot sat up and smirked at Austin

"Good morning Austin" Elliot got out of bed and Austin followed

I cuddled more into Braxton and fell back asleep.


I followed Elliot downstairs and made breakfast

"What do you want to do today? Elliot sipped some water from a cup

I shrugged and looked at the booklet of what we can do all day, tomorrow is when the 'fun' starts and we have to go to ddlg classes.

"Hello" I looked over to see Catalina coming downstairs with just an oversized white t-shirt.

"Catalina would you like some coffee or tea?" Elliot pulled out a stool for her to sit on

"No thank you caffeine makes me hyper" she fidgeted with her fingers

I grabbed a glass and poured water into it and handed it too her

Catalina looked at the glass and tapped it, she defiantly wasn't a big fan of water.

"What do you want to do today Catalina?" Elliot asked and she shrugged

"Words Angel" Braxton said from the stairs as he looked down from us but carried on walking

"I don't know" she took a sip of the water

"Do you want to do the climbing wall?" Braxton asked and she shook her head

"Not a fan of the climbing wall?" Theo who was now up and drinking a glass of water smiled at her

"No I don't like it" she quietly said


"What about if we go on a walk with Chance, Hunter and Dave? Austin looked up from his phone

I wish I had a phone.

I nodded quickly I did like that idea at least there would be no heights.

"Someone go and wake Myles" I got up quickly and walked upstairs to see Myles sprawled out on the bed

I jumped on the bed and basically landed on him leaving him to groan

"Myles" I hugged him and he opened his eyes

"We are going for a walk" I smiled

He got out of bed and walked downstairs with me


As Catalina came downstairs you could see her cute little elephant underwear under white shirt

I heard a knock at the front door and Elliot looked towards Catalina

"Let's go and get changed" Elliot grabbed Catalinas hand and walked upstairs with her.

We all got changed and headed for a walk, Catalina and Hunter were talking about random things while Austin, Dave and Chance were talking about 'business'.

"Catalina" Austin snapped as Catalina looked towards this lake

She looked towards Austin

"You're too close angel" Theo grabbed her and took away.

The rest of the walk was uneventful and dinner wasn't as nice as yesterday.



I woke up to an alarm going off, today was the first day of classes and I know Catalina is scared but I can't wait until she's in little space and we can play.

"Guys wake up we have classes" Theo groaned and looked towards the

It was 6:30am and classes start at 9. Catalina scrunched her eyes and pulled the covers over her face

"What are the classes today?" Elliot asked

9 - 10: Learning to be a little (little only)
12- 1: how to be a good daddy (daddy +little)
3 -4: ddlg 101 (daddy +little)

"There mostly classes for Catalina today " I frowned

"Who wants to take Catalina for her first class?" I didn't volunteer because it would break my heart to see her sad

"Austin I think this is something you should do" Austin nodded at Elliot

Catalina got changed while Austin was still in his joggers and white t-shirt

"Are you excited?" Braxton asked her and she nodded

We all looked at each other

"First days are always the worst" Theo smiled at her

"Let's go or else we will be late" Austin lightly grabbed her hand and took her off for the first class.

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