Chapter 10

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Looking around I could see Indy,Jesus, and Trinity standing in a circle so I decide to see what was going on.

As I got closer I could hear them yelling.

"What's going on over here". I ask looking between all of them.

"If y'all are going to be doing all this yelling then y'all can leave". I said to Jesus and Trinity as I walked up.

"So who you pregnant by". He asked ignoring what I just said.

"Why you worried about it". Trinity asked and he looked over with his face scrunched up.

"Fuck you mean this my best friend I need to talk to the nigga that knocked her up". He said causing me to roll my eyes.

"You gone be talking to yourself then". I mumbled looking at the ground.

"What". He said causing me to look up.

"What". I ask with a confused look.

"This will be cute for our baby shower". Trinity said causing me to look over at her.

"What did you say". I ask folding my arms.

"Oh we're expecting". She said causing me to scoff.

"You really got this bitch pregnant".I ask looking back at Jesus.

"That's my girl so don't do to much". He said mugging me.

"Why can't you see it Jesus". I ask with tears in my eyes.

"See what Avalon". He asked with a confused look.

"That I love you all the shit that I did for you growing up was because I loved you". I said raising my voice a little bit.

"Look I don't see you that way". He said with a sad look on his face.

"Wow". I said laughing as tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Avalon". He said reaching for me but I backed away.

"Congratulations you're going to be a father of two". I said causing him to give me a confused look.

"What you trying to say". He asked fully turning his body towards me.

"Our babies are going to be brother/sister and cousins". I said and Trinity walked up on me but he held her back.

"Baby don't even get riled up I'm not her child's father so let's go". He said and just like that I felt a pain in my heart.

"BITCH". Indy yelled before grabbing Grimeyy by his jacket hitting him.

It didn't come to a surprise to me when he cocked his hand back and slapped her.

"YO WHAT THE FUCK GOING ON". Murda said walking up with a plate in his hand licking his fingers.

"Bro get yo bitch on 30 I'm gone lay this bitch flat". He said holding Indy by her neck.

Putting his plate down murda goes over grabbing Indy as she put up a fight to get to Grimeyy.

Looking at me one last time he grabs Trinity's hand and they walk out.

"Baby I am so sorry". Indy said walking over to me with a pout.

"Can we just find out my gender so we can go". I ask and she nods her head.

"EVERYBODY OUTSIDE". She yelled and everybody got up making their way outside.

Once I get outside she sits me on this thrown and I see my uncles and cousins come into view with jerseys on. One team had pink flags and one team had blue flags.

"I know how much you love football so I decided that which ever team has the last flag then that's what your having". She said and I nod smiling.

She blew the whistle and they begin to play flag football.

~20 minutes later~

"COME ON UNCLE BOBBY". I yell standing up since he was the last pink flag and I really wanted a girl.

"LETS GO DADDY". Indy yelled causing me to look over at her.

"We don't do boys over here". I said causing her to laugh before looking back and seeing LJ indy's dad snatch the pink flag from Bobby's waist causing everybody to jump around screaming.

"Omg No". I said playfully with a pout as Indy danced around me cheering.

"I guess you got to go take back all them girl clothes". She said causing me to laugh as I shook my head.

"I just felt it in my soul that I was gone be having a little girl". I said as my uncles and cousins came over hugging me.

"Well now I got a little nephew". She said rubbing my stomach.

"I'm kind of tired though so can we go". I said and she nods her head before going over and telling her dad we were leaving.

As I was standing there while they talked they started walking over and he pulled me into a hug.

"Congratulations baby girl go ahead and rest up we'll clean up". He said pulling back from the hug.

"Thank you so much uncle LJ". I said with a smile before taking Indys hand and walking off.

Getting in the car I put my seat belt in and let out a loud sigh.

"I am so tired". I said closing my eyes.

"Girl you me I'm knocking out as soon as we get to your place". She said causing me to laugh.

"I really appreciate you for throwing my baby shower". I said opening my eyes looking over at her.

"It was no problem you deserved it". She said and I smile before closing my eyes again.

I don't know where I would be without her...


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