Chapter 12

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"Nigga stop touching it". I said looking over at Murda with a mug as he kept trying to touch my wound.

"Yo that look like my girl". He said looking across the parking lot.

"INDY". He called out and she looked over letting us know it was her.

Walking over I could see Avalon breathing heavily while rubbing her stomach.

"Why you not in the hospital". I ask and she looks up mugging me.

"What the fuck did you think I was doing Jesus". She said before rolling her eyes.

"Indy can you take me into the hospital please". She asked looking over at her.

"Nah I got her". I said causing everybody to look at me surprised.

"What don't look at me like that". I said mugging them.

"It's okay I got her". Indy said shaking her head.

Giving her a look Murda caught on and grabbed her arm making her look at him.

"He cool baby he got her". He said and she looked over at Avalon.

"If I was a bitter bitch I would've said no but because this IS your child you can come". She said rolling her eyes as I smile walking over to her lifting her up bridal style.

Walking into the hospital they instantly bring out a wheelchair and I sit her down in it.

I start following behind her when they stopped me.

"I'm sorry sir only family can go back with her". A nurse said holding her arm in front of me.

"Bitch that's my baby". I said pushing her arm out of the way and following behind Avalon.

Once we got to the room she changed and they laid her down and checked her before walking out.

"That was cute". She said causing me to look over at her.

"What you talking about". I ask with my face scrunched up.

"You telling them that it's your baby that was cute cause you said my baby wasn't yours". She said mugging me.

"Man shut the fuck up". I said smacking my lips.

"You can get the fuck out". She said pointing towards the door.

"I'm about to go get my arm stitched out and I'll be right back". I said standing up and walking out.

Seeing a nurse walk by I stop her and asked to get help.

"Just sit in here and the doctor will be with you in a moment". She said before walking out.

Pulling out my phone I scroll through Instagram before hearing the door open.

"Hello I understand we are stitching you up today". He said as he washed his hands.

"Yea". I said as he walked over lifting my sleeve to get a better look.

He got to work once he saw how deep it was.

~20 minutes later~

"We're all done". I said and I nodded standing up from the bed before walking out and down the hall.

As I was coming to turn down Avalon's hall I could her a familiar voice causing me to stop walking.

"That nigga you with killed my little brother and you want me to be cool with that then you got him thinking my baby is his". The dude said causing me to shake my head.

Bitches these days.

"That has nothing to do with me it was your brothers fault for thinking he could get away with that shit". The female said.

"Yo Trinity don't play with me dog". He said causing me to scrunch up my eyebrows.

"Trinity". I mumble to myself before coming from behind the wall.

"So this the shit we doing now". I ask causing them both to look at me.

"Baby it's not what it looks like". She said trying to walk over to me but he grabbed her arm.

"Nah it's exactly what it looks like Trinity just tell the man that the baby ain't his". The dude said looking down at her with a mug on his face.

"Would you shut the hell up". She said looking back at him.

"So I went against my bestfriend because of the shit you was telling me". I ask walking up on her and the dude.

"And you the nigga that put your hands on her that day too huh". I ask but I didn't give him the chance to say anything cause I punched his ass before slapping the fuck out of Trinity.

Standing over him I continue to beat his ass until somebody pulled me off of him.

"You got him man". I heard murda say as he let me go and pat my chest.

Looking over at Trinity she sat on the ground with tears rolling down her face. Walking over I squat down in front of her.

"Fuck is you crying for huh bitch". I ask getting in her face.

"HUH SPEAK THE FUCK UP". I yelled and spit flew out of my mouth.

"I-I". She stuttered but I cut her off.


"I'm sorry". She whispered so softly I almost didn't hear it.

"Oh you gone be bitch believe that". I said before pushing her heard into the wall and standing up.

Walking away I make my way back to Avalon's room.

"What was all that noise out there". She asked looking over at me.

"Look I'm sorry for all the shit I put you through these last couple of months with taking Trinity side and everything and it don't solely lie on her cause I'm the dumb ass that believed her but if we can work on being friends again I'll appreciate that". I said as I held her hand in mines kissing it.

"It's going to take a long long long time for me to forgive you for the shit you did and said especially about my baby". She said and I nod letting her know I understood her.

"Now come on and get in this bed with me". She said with a smile as she got over lifting the covers.

That's one thing about Avalon she was always so forgiving but I'm not go that for granted...


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