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I followed Haze to a bathroom.

"Tell me why you can't feel that" Haze glared at me, knowing I was hiding something. "I don't know.... it just doesn't hurt" I tried to play it off and lie to him. I clenched my hands nervously. He grabbed them and I swear, just for a second, Haze was Ace. I stepped back in fear, clearly showing my distress.

He stared at me confusedly. "Bad memory?" Haze questioned me while soaking a cloth in warm water. "Yeah" i shook my head, trying to shake away my feelings for Ace along with it.

Haze grabbed my wrist and pulled me close to him. He stared at me straight in the eye, which was pretty intense, not gonna lie. "You always look hurt" Haze admitted to me, noticing how every so often I'd be caught off guard, thinking about Ace. "N-no" I stuttered and then immediately after wanting to face palm myself.

"Tell me what's on your mind" Haze asked with a soft and gentle tone. I sighed, giving up, he was going to find out eventually. If I was going to be killed, it may aswell be now . "Me and Ace....." I sighed not wanting to say it. "What, you were more than friends?"a small smile appearing on Haze's face whilst letting out a slight chuckle. My lips made a O shape in shock. "I knew exactly why he didn't put you on his fighting squad, I just didn't want you to think that I was using you" Haze admitted as he dabbed the cloth on my lip.

Our faces were slowly inching forward.

"Because you know....... i find you quite attractive" he grinned at me. "Oh really?" I giggled at him. "Yeah" he nodded. "If you need someone to help you forget about Ace, I think you've found your man" he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. He leaned in, kissing me slowly, savouring it almost.

Ace and I hadn't even kissed and I met this guy a few hours ago.

But weirdly I enjoyed the kiss. He pulled me closer to him, deepening the kiss. He licked my lip for entrance and I gave it to him. We kissed for a good while before someone walked into the bathroom. I immediately broke the kiss, turning away from Haze.

"Oh no" Nina chuckled lightly at us. I blushed as I rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly. "You interrupted us" Haze glared at his twin angrily. "Well then maybe you should've locked the door" she replied back to him cheekily.

But the kiss didn't feel....... right. It was good but it wasn't right, he wasn't the right person for me . It's like the longer I'm away from Ace the more I miss him and it's eating away at me.

"I thought I did" Haze mumbled, annoyed at his sister. She smiled evilly at him; I liked her. She seems cool for the most part.

"Um.....what's the next task" I asked, breaking the silence. "Rest" Haze warned me. "No, I'm fine" I shrugged, showing him I was ok. "Awh, Haze wants to protect his girlfriend" Nina teased him. She got a giggle out of me. Haze's face immediately lit up at my laugh. "Oh my godddd, you're like completely falling for her" Nina shoved his shoulder playfully.

"Come on girl, before my brother eats you alive like the demon he is" she challenged her brother.

I stood between Haze and Nina, not sure who to go with. Nina held out her hand and I grabbed it. "Sorry Haze, girl power" I winked at him while being dragged off by Nina.


"He's into you" Nina jumped onto her bed causing her to bounce straight back off and onto the floor. I covered my gaping mouth with my hands as she blinked at me a couple of times. We both erupted into laughter at the same time.

"Are you okay" I gasped for air, wiping the joyful tears from my eyes as I grabbed her hand, pulling her up off of the floor. "Yeah I'm fine" she snickered, slowly climbing onto her bed this time.

"I wonder if he'll ask you to the winter dance?" Nina raised her eyebrows at me. "Winter dance?" I questioned her curiously. Her jaw immediately dropped. "You've never went to the winter dance?" Nina gasped shocked. "No?" I stared at her with a blank expression on my face. "The winter Mafia dance, you know, only the biggest ball of the year" Nina gushed just thinking about it. "Who are you taking?" I asked her, assuming she was going with someone by the way she talked about it.

"Ah it doesn't matter" she shrugged unbothered. "Yes it does" I sat on her bed with her sprawled across it. "Telllll me" I begged with a persuasive tone, nudging her.

"I'm going with a guy called Ben" she grinned shyly. "You really like this guy" I giggled. "Yeah, I've liked him for about a year and he asked me yesterday" she explained.

"Awh, that's sweet plus you're hot, I'm surprised you didn't have a million guys chasing after you" I scoffed at her. "Stopppp, all the guy's heads will rise in your direction when you walk in" she rolled her eyes with a smile. "Both heads" she winked making me laugh. "You're dirty minded, I like you already" I smirked high fiving her.

"Are you excited for the next task?" Nina asked questioningly. "What is it?" I shrugged, not too worried about it. "The pain scale" Nina shuddered at the thought. "What's that?" I asked with a worried expression. "Basically we attach these little sticky pads to you that simulate the same pain as someone punching, kicking, stabbing and shooting you" Nina explained as quick as she could. "I don't think Haze will let you do it".

"Why not" I frowned my eyebrows. "You're already hurt, you can only do it if you have no injuries". "I'm doing it anyway" I muttered to her before lying next to her. "You're tired" I stared at her. "Yeah, it's been a long day" she nodded.

I was curious to see how real this pain simulation felt.

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