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Nicolette's POV
I hopped onto the dirt ground and rip my shoes into the dirt. I still had some energy that I needed to get rid of so why not challenge them.

"Who wants to go against me?" I smirk. I look up at them and they all whispered to each other like they thought I was crazy. They still think I can't beat them.

"I will," I finally heard somebody offer. I saw him push his way out of the crowd. He stood in front with a grin on his face.

"He's the strongest one in this group," Malcom warned me. I roll my eyes and shake my head at him.

"I single-handedly took your Beta down and you're warning me about a warrior?" I scoff. I signaled for the guard to come into the dirt training ground.

I kick my shoes off and throw my socks to the side. He cracks his neck and his knuckles as a sign of intimidation but that's the worse thing you could do.

"Malcom can you come be referee please?" I ask him. He nods and he comes to the side of the training ground.

"You can't go growling every time he hits me by the way," I tell him. I don't need him going all territorial Alpha on everyone that lands a punch on me because this is training. He rolls his eyes and rubs his hand through his hair before sighing.

"Don't shift until I say so," he said. We both nodded and I smirk as I get into position. I brought myself out and my eyes started to glow golden.

"Go," Malcom's voice signaled. Neither of us charged at each other but we circled each other around the dirt ground.

"Come on and attack," I teased. I laughed, "Or are you afraid to that I'll put you on the ground." Chuckles were heard all around from the other guards.

He ran at me and swung his leg at my face. I moved quickly and swiftly as I grabbed his ankle and flipped him into his back. I chuckled, "Is that all you've got?"

He growled as he moves back and kicked my shin. I fell forward and rolled off of his back and jammed my foot into his back.

This is a boring fight.

He lifted himself off of the ground and jabbed my stomach. I grabbed his hand and kneed him and punched him in his face. He growled in pain as I push him into the ground.

"Aw come on you've barely gotten a hit on me," I mock. He growls as he gets up again except with his eyes glowing. He's angry now.

He ran at me and I tried to hit him in the face again but he ducked and tackled me to the ground. I landed on my back and he straddled me and landed a few punches on my face. I grabbed his fist before it collided with my face again and threw him over my body.

I got up and spit out blood and wiped the rest off of my mouth. I moved towards him using my vampire speed. I veered to his left then spun to the right. I could see everything happen so slowly that I could see the confusion forming on his face.

I slammed my fist into his face and he stumble back into a tree, holding his face, "Who the hell are you?" I just laughed. His human form wasn't that strong but I wanted to see what his wolf could do.

"Shift," Malcom signaled. I think he could tell that I was bored in this form. I jump into the air, over his head and shifted into my wolf and let her take control.

She slid to a stop and let out a growl. He shifted into his wolf which was obviously larger than mine. His wolf was a beautiful brown wolf with white spots on his ears and paws.

She ran at him and he ran at me too. He rammed his head into me and she fell on her back as she felt a sharp pain spike in her right leg. She let out a whine as he let go of her leg.

Her blood mixed with the dirt as it rolled down her leg. She got up with a bit of difficulty. The slightest pressure caused pain to shoot through my body. He got a good bite on my leg.

His wolf grinned as he looked at the injury he made on me. It occurred to me that he wasn't attacking me after he injured me. He must think I won't put up a fight.

He ran at me as I got my balance and he tried to go for my neck. I push him with my body and he lands on the ground. I shift back and wrap my hand around his neck and push him into the dirt.

"I took you down with a leg injury and without hindering your fighting ability," I growl at him. He let out a huff and submitted. I felt a towel drop on me, given by another warrior.

I wrap it around my body and pull my hair from under it and let it lay down my back. Other from my leg I had no other injury. The warrior shifted back.

"You need to work on your fighting in human form. You didn't give much of a fight. You have a beautiful wolf. Use him. He will give you the upper hand in a battle," I told him. He nodded and walked off of the dirt area. "Anybody else?" Nobody offered and I nodded.

"You're all dismissed tomorrow I'll be back and I will choose random people so be prepared," I told them. They all murmured as they exited the training grounds.

I limped off the dirt area and sat down on the ground with the towel still covering my body. I wince as I look at my leg. It was still healing but slowly. A side effect of Malcom being with another she-wolf.

I never asked him about it because it caused to much pain to talk about it. He's stopped for two weeks and my body has been healing. If he does it again I don't think I'll stop from ripping his head off.

"Nobody should see you naked except me," Malcom said looking down at me sitting. I swear I saw his eyes flicker to pitch black.

"You haven't done this territorial Alpha bullshit the whole time I've been here so don't you dare start now Malcom. It's bound to happen if I shift and it was easier for me to shift back and hold him down," I rolled my eyes. "Besides if they see me in a sexual way I will snap all of their heads off."

"You don't do that to my warriors but you can use them as a punching bag," he snickered. I shake my head with a small grin on my face as I stand up and almost fall.

Malcom grabs me by my bare waist and steadies me as I balance myself. My wolf wanted him. She looked the tingles that were sent though my body every time he touched me.

My eyes flickered black as I close them and Malcom slowly lets go of my waist. The towel fell back down to my side and I opened my eyes again.

"He didn't have to bite you," he growled. I looked down and assessed the wound the warrior had done to me. The bite wound was deep but healing slowly. I lift my hand up and started saying a spell.

The wound started to close but not all the way, just enough to stop bleeding. I could put more premium on it but it was still sore.

"If this is the worst your 'strongest warrior' could do then you trained them pitifully. They don't know basic attacks and blocks. He literally head butted into me," I muttered. "I want to train them further because it sad how bad they are."

"Go ahead," was all he said and we started to walk back to his house.
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