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I woke up to complete silence. The roars,cheers and screams from the battle field were completely gone. Straight away, I thought I was dead but I told myself that was ridiculous.

I sprinted up the path to see the very last line of the narnian army running through the forest. I pushed myself forward as fast as my little legs could go and chased after the armies. I will admit, it stung a little bit that my siblings left me behind but I was on my way anyway.

After a while of sprinting, resulting in my legs feeling on fire. I reached a river with half of a bridge across it. On the standing half of the bridge, I saw my siblings bowing in front of the largest lion I have ever seen in my life. Lucy was stood next to him proudly holding her dagger.

I screamed their names and they all turned around with beams of pride on their faces. I threw myself into the water and splashed until I reached my siblings. Peter pulled me out of the sapphire river and held me in his arms whilst the lion was praising Caspian.

"What's this from?" Peter said angrily as he saw the gash.
"An arrow cut me as it went past." I told him, sounding like a baby that was being told off.

Susan looked guiltily at me as Peter continued to inspect my arm.
"I'm fine!" I told him a I yanked my arm out of his hand and wriggled out of his grasp.

Once I was firmly on the ground I looked up at the large creature stood by Lucy and I'm pretty sure he smirked at me. All of a sudden, I felt small hands pushing past my leg. Looking down, I saw Reepicheep being carried on a stretcher by a couple of other mice. I buried my head into Edmunds leg as I did not want to watch the poor animal die.

Lucy stepped forward with her magical cordial and let a drop into his mouth. Upon reaching his lips, he sprung up and told her gratefully "Oh thank you, your majesty"

All of a sudden, he noticed Aslan was stood near him. Flustered, he stuttered " Uh, oh. Hail Aslan! Its a great honor to be in-"

The small creature cut himself off by clumsily bowing at the lions feet. I giggled as he frantically tried to feel for his tail that had been sliced off in battle. "Er, perhaps a bit more?" Reepicheep questioned my sister.

Lucy looked at him apologetically and replied "I don't think it does that."

"You can have a go..." the mouse tried to reason.

"It becomes you well, small one" Aslan laughed as he winked at me. I tried to wink back but failed miserably, luckily non of my sibling saw my pathetic attempt.

"Now where's this dear little friend, you've told me so much about?" Aslan asked Lucy.

We all turned to watch Trumpkin as he bowed and smiled back at the great lion. As Trumpkin walked towards us, Aslan roared at the top of his lungs causing me to jump into Edmunds arms.

Lucy looked patronizingly at Trumpkin and said "Do you see it now?"

Trumpkin just breathed deeply and looked around scared.

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