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I had woken up in Haze's arms which was quite nice to be honest. I think I like Haze as a person. He's a good guy and he doesn't want to hurt me. I stood up and realised that Haze had ripped my underwear off. I rolled my eyes with a smirk on my face before putting on a pair of his boxers.

I didn't really feel anything for Haze though. I felt guilty because he was a really nice guy and not to mention his sister.

"You look good in my underwear" he groaned whilst stretching. "Thanks" I climbed back in beside him. "I know it's a bit sudden and maybe very fast but do you wanna be my girlfriend?" He asked running his hand down the side of my body. Oh shit, I should probably should probably say no but I need to move on with my life. I nodded hesitantly. A smile appeared on his face as he relax into the bed after his stretch.

"How do I have the prettiest girl in the world lying in my bed?" he gushed. "Shut up" I rolled my eyes, shoving his shoulder playfully before he pulled me in, pecking my lips.

"I promise that whoever hurt you, will never hurt you again" Haze ran his hand through my hair. I don't know why but the way he spoke finally made me feel something for him. I pecked his lips lightly.

"You better know that I'm damaged goods" I warned him, giving him a serious look. "Aren't we all?" he gave me a slight smile.

"Hey Haze, I got the- oh fuckkkk" Nina shrieked covering her eyes as Haze covered me me.

"Fucking lock the door" she shouted at us. "Fucking knock" Me and Haze both shouted back at her at the same time. "Are you covered yet?" Nina peaked out seeing us lying in bed. "Yes" I sighed exhausted.

"God Haze seriously, one day" Nina growled at him. "She's my girlfriend, I can do what I want with her" He announced whilst glaring at her. "Girlfriend" She spoke blatantly. "Where's the flowers or the huge gift; Where's the romantic music or rose petals leading to a nice breakfast?" Nina questioned, showing her disappointment. "If I were you Haze, I would've done all of that just for her" Nina smiled calmly.

"So that's it? Hafie is official now?" She asked curiously, looking happy for us. "Hafie?" I stared confusedly at Haze. "My sister has a problem with making ship names" Haze rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"It's only been a day and you two are dating and doing the dirty" Nina giggled, changing the subject rather quickly. I blushed and hid in Haze's chest pulling the blankets up cover my face. I heard Haze and Nina laugh at my shyness. "It's ok, sex is natural" Nina tried to make it better. "Ok ok, go away, you're making her uncomfortable" Haze demanded. "You're already picking her over me" Nina gasped, clenching her chest with her hand.

"Guess I'll never get my shot with Sofia now" Nina sighed jokingly, pretending to be disappointed before walking towards the door.

"Go!" Haze demanded at his sister who finally left.; Haze burst into laughter as soon as she was gone. "It's not funny" I scowled at him. "It's very funny" he smiled at me still hiding in his chest.

He flipped us so that he was ontop again. "No" I warned him. "Why not?" He raised an eyebrow with a smirk knowing exactly why. "You know why" I glared at him with a smile, shoving him lightly.

"No I have no clue" He muttered as he ran his fingers down my stomach and stopped right at where my clit started. "Do I really have to say it?" I scowled at him. He nodded. "It hurts plus the next tests start in 5 minutes" I uttered quickly, holding my breath. He chuckled lightly. "Ok fine, we won't have sex again for awhile" he grinned signalling he was up something. "No Haze dont! We'll be late together" I shrieked trying to shut my legs but he kept them open.

"I'm the leader, I say wether someone is late or not and I say, we leave when we're ready" he glanced at me.

He licked his lips before kissing my stomach down to where his fingers rested, his body slowly moving down the bed. I slowly melted under his touch as his lips touched my skin.

He slid the underwear down to my knees. I would try to stop him but it felt so good. He kissed the bottom of my stomach, sending shivers up my spine. He immediately licked my clit, a pool of warmth releasing from in between my legs. He smirked as he kept teasing. He rubbed gently with his thumb knowing that I was still hurting from last night.

"Haze" I moaned throwing my head back in pleasure.

"Have you forgotten about Ace yet?" He asked. I knew saying no would annoy him and I wanted to see what he could do. I shook my head with disapproval. I saw his eyebrow raise with shock. He rubbed his two fingers against my clit before asking the same question and getting the same response. He shoved his fingers in me, making me moan again. "Moan my name!" he demanded huskily, his dominance appearing out of thin air.

"Haze" I moaned, not wanting to be punished. He smirked before burying his head between my thighs. I felt my legs start to shake as Haze swirled his tongue in circles. "Haze!" I moaned, more warmth coming out of me. "Don't you dare" he grumbled, warning me not to come. I bit my lip, trying to contain my orgasm.

"Haze please let me" I whimpered, not sure how much longer I could hold out. "No" he warned me. "Haze I'm going to- don't or else you'll be punished" he scowled at me now using his tongue and fingers. I couldn't resist when he licked my g spot, sending me over the edge.

I moaned, releasing my orgasm. Haze gave me an unimpressed look yet continued, licking me clean and then his fingers. "I warned you" he growled climbed ontop of me. Honestly I think I wanted him to fuck me again; It felt so good and the pain only lasted for awhile.

He was pounding into me. I clawed at him back, making him groan. "Fuck Sofia" he moaned at me digging my nails into his back. My legs started to shake again. I moaned softly in his ear making him go crazy; His hand found mine , our fingers intertwining. He held my hand as we finished. I came before he did.

He moaned quietly in my ear as he released inside of me. I was on birth control so it was okay. His cum leaked out of me slowly as we lay on the bed, catching our breathe. "I should go to the toilet" I stood up, walking into the bathroom.

I made sure I had taken my birth control pill last night. I sat on the toilet for awhile before I eventually climbed back inside the bed with him.

"Do you wanna leave now?" He asked. "We haven't got a choice" I nodded, suddenly standing up. He slapped my ass, really hard. "Owwww" I whimpered as he chuckled at me. "Come here I'll kiss it better" he smirked evilly. "You wanna kiss my ass" I smiled cheekily, slipping on my underwear. "I've kissed a lot more than just your ass" he grinned playfully causing me to blush.

"You're so cute when you blush" he said while putting on a pair of shorts.


"Ok your next test is shooting, easy enough" Haze shrugged like he was the best in the world at everything. I mean, he's pretty good at sex so that a win.

A girl raised her hand to ask a question. That was strange, she was acting like she was in middle school. "You seem to be amazing at it" She spoke shyly, gawking at him. She may aswell have sucked his dick while she was at it. I think Haze saw me glance at her unimpressed.

"Did I say you could talk?" Haze spat angrily at her. She immediately coward into the crowd. "Anyone who does that again, will have their tongue chopped off, you speak when I ask you to speak" Haze threatened them. He better not be threatening me.

"Start the fucking rounds" Haze yelled handing everyone a gun. "We all get one?" I asked him curiously. "Yeah" he nodded. "Why aren't you chopping her tongue off?" The blonde girl questioned him, cheekily. Haze turned around and grabbed her by the throat. "What did I just say?" Haze spat through his gritted teeth, lifting her into the air by just his hand that was glued to her neck.

"Ok Haze, put her down" I placed my hand on his shoulder. He dropped her instantly. "Someone has anger issues" I smirked whilst rolling my eyes at him. "I hate people like her" Haze grumbled annoyed, throwing the girl who was on the floor an unimpressed look.

"What's wrong, you seem tense?" I asked as I stood next to him. "I'm tense because everyone's expecting new amazing recruits and the only person who's made the list is you" Haze spoke disappointedly, shaking his head disappointedly. Me?. I've already made it. Perks of being his girlfriend I guess.

"Cause I'm your girlfriend?" I grinned at him. "No, because you're good at everything you do" he pulled me into him.

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