Chapter 6

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Catalina hasn't talked to me since we left the cabin, I looked at the cabin and on the door had 'How To Be a Little' on it

"Jonathan what did I tell you?" I heard a deep voice behind me say and I turned around

"Too be good" the boy named Jonathan smiled

The man opened the door and held it open for Catalina and I, I thanked him and walked in.

These classes look nothing like the classes I have been in, in the past.

These ddlg cabins were more colourful and welcoming unlike the BDSM bit.

Hello I'm Zayden and you are?" a man with brunette hair and hazel eyes kneeled in front of Catalina

"Catalina" she quietly said

"Do you want to say goodbye to daddy?" he asked and Catalina looked up at me and around the room

I could see the tears in her eyes, I lifted her up and hugged her tightly

"I will see you in an hour okay?" Zayden handed her a tissue

"We are going to have so much
Fun" he was so perky and I was only 9 in the fucking morning.

Catalina squirmed out of my grip and quietly whispered bye and walked into the middle of the room.

"Can you notify me if she is struggling in any way" Zayden nodded and walked over to a drawer

"This should come in handy, it notifies you If she is being grumpy,upset or something happens" I thanked him and left.

I walked back to the cabin and when I arrived at the cabin the boys were all sitting on the couch

"Was she sad?" Myles asked

I nodded and they all had the reaction I had


As I walked in the middle of the room trying to hide my emotions, Zayden the perky teacher came up behind me

"Hello Catalina this is Remi" I looked at the brunette next to him, she was pretty

"Remi would like to be your friend, she heard that you are sad because of your daddy leaving" Remi smiled at Zayden and then at me

Zayden left and left with me Remi

"Is this your first time here? " Remi looked around

"Yeah?" I questioned

"Oh I'm guessing you have never been into little space?" I looked down to see that she had a teddy

"You'll love the attention" She smiles

"Remi, Catalina would you like to join in on circle time?" Zayden patted a space next to him

I sat next to Zayden and listened to Everyone introduce themselves

"I'm Catalina" I was the last one to speak

"Who has been in little space before?" Out of the 10 of us in this circle on 4 people put up their hands

"Who knows what it is?" Zayden looked around

Remi put up a hand "Yes Remi?"

"Littlespace is the mindset or headspace in which a little feels most carefree and accepted" I was impressed on how much she knew 

Zayden got up and and walked towards a bucket

"I want each of you to carry around a teddy for at least a week" Zayden walked up to me and I looked at him

"Grab one Catalina" I looked inside the bucket to see a cute little rabbit, I grabbed it and held it tightly.

I heard the door opening and people came in one by one, I saw Austin and ran up to him

"Did you enjoy it" I hugged him


"No Elliot since I dropped her off and saw her cry I will go and get her" I crossed my arms

"That's fair" Elliot shrugged

I walked inside and she was sat in a circle listening to Zayden discuss something

She turned around and ran to me, I noticed that she had a teddy. It was very cute.

"Is this yours? Does it have a name?" I crouched down to see her face

"No I haven't named her yet Austin" I stood up and Zayden came over as people were leaving

"Stay here okay" I walked towards Zayden

"Was she okay after I left?" Zayden nodded

"She has a new teddy friend that she needs to keep for a week, she also made a friend called Remi" I discussed a few things with him and then left with her

As I opened the door to our cabin, I saw everyone on the sofa talking about random things

"Hey guess who's back?" They all turned around

"Catalina did you like it?" Theo asked

She lightly nodded

"Who is your little friend?" Braxton asked

"What?" Elliot looked at Braxton confused

"She got given it at class" Elliot looked down too see her little bunny

"You're adorable" Myles picked her up and gave her kisses making her laugh

"We have a class in an hour" I slumped on the sofa, I was exhausted for waking all that way and back twice.

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