Chapter 7

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This time I couldn't be bothered walking so I got a golf kart. As we walked inside the room was big but this time it wasn't colourful.

I remember this room. The room I found out that Jessica was cheating on me and I was very mad.

There were chairs facing a smart board and there was a little screen at the back on the room with pink and blue headphones on the ground

"Hello I am Marcus" a man with blue hair approached us

"I am Austin, this is Braxton, Myles,Theo, Elliot and Catalina" Marcus looked at Catalina and smiled

"Hello Catalina would you like to go and play over there" she turned towards the little screen


As I looked to the little screen I saw Remi with headphones on

"Hello Remi" she turned around and took her headphones off

"They're going to put on Despicable Me" she sounded so excited

I grabbed the headphones and put them on watching the movie.

Occasionally throughout the movie the people beside me would get up and take their headphones off and run somewhere but this movie is too good to miss.

I felt a hand on my back making me jump and quickly turn around, I looked up and it was Myles

"Hello sweetheart It's time to go" I looked back at the screen and it still had 10 minutes left

"But can we just wait 10 more minutes?" I asked and he shook my head

"Come on" Myles picked me making me angry that I wouldn't get to see the ending


I watched as Catalina sat in the corner on her cute little butt as I listened to the lecture which was about controlling.

I have heard this all before and I know all the tips on how to do it but Myles didn't seem so sure about it

"Myles you need to go up to her and tell her we need to go" he looked at me unsure

He didn't want to her feelings, nobody did but it's about control.

Elliot pushed him towards her. I watched as he placed his hand on her back and told her it was time to go, I couldn't see her reaction but I bet she was pissed she couldn't see the ending.

As she walked towards us I could see her mood, she was grouchy.

"Can you hold this?" She placed the bunny in Theo's hand

"Remember what Zayden said Catalina he wants you to hold onto it for a week. It wouldn't work if we held onto it"

she grabbed the bunny back from Theo and gave him a cold stare

"Catalina stop" I yelled

Her eyes widened and she immediately stopped.

I saw Dave pull up with a kart, we all got in but guess who kept walking? Catalina.

"Catalina wait for me" I got out the kart and started chasing after her

She was quite a fast person for her size.

"If you don't stop I will make your ass so red" she didn't stop which made me so mad

"See you're having problems already" Chance said on his way past

I finally caught up to her and gripped her hand tightly

"You do not embarrass daddy" I dragged her into the house to see the boys on the house

"Go over and lie on Braxton's lap" Braxton looked at me, he has defiantly not done this before

"Sweetheart since it's a punishment you don't get a safe word" she looked beyond scared, it turned me on.

I saw her bent over Braxton's lap and walked behind her, she looked back at me

"Myles pull her trousers down" Myles immediately got up and did what I said

From my angle you could see her cute little bare ass and her vagina

"I love the view sweetheart" I whispered into her ear and her face went bright red

"Braxton spank her 10 times for miss behaving" Braxton was such a nice guy I knew this wouldn't be an easy task

"Austin Please" she begged

"You know I think this isn't right.." I looked at his face and then spanked Catalina

Catalina released a sort of squeak making me grin

Braxton then began spanking her, from my angle I could see her getting more and more wet I could see the bulge in Elliot's trousers

"I think that's enough Braxton" Braxton went over limit I knew he was enjoying it

I leaned over my girl and placed one hand on her vagina to see it was so wet

"Did you like that sweetheart?" She shook her head and I laughed.

She got up and pulled up trousers

"I think it's time for you to go to bed" I wouldn't let her stay up more after she was a bad little cunt

"Goodnight" I kissed her cheek and she ran upstairs.

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