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Tia is waiting on the front porch when we arrive. It is midday now, and her tan skin glistens beautifully in the fall sun.

"Were you expecting me?" I ask her when we reach each other.

She pulls me into a hug as soon as I'm close enough. Her eyes never leave my Cadillac where Klaus is waiting, so I know she can sense him there.

"Your company is not welcome here, Clara," she whispers, hesitantly.

I sigh, "I want him to meet her. "

She narrows her eyes for a moment before realization hits her and her face contorts into a wide smile, "You know how to bring them back?"

I nod slightly, "I do, Tia. Call the others, it's time."

Tia runs back into the house and I lean against the railing of the porch for a moment. It's cold, but it's calming after being squished in the car with Klaus. I feel bad that my memory changed the demeanor between us for the rest of the drive, but neither him nor I wanted to discuss what had happened in more detail.

Speaking of Klaus, he exits the car carefully now and makes his way up the porch to me. I almost tell him to wait even longer so I can break the news of his presence to Georgina, but I don't want to give him any more reason to act impatiently.

"Would you care to explain how I'm involved in this?" He questions, but his voice is soft and curious.

Klaus stands next to me now. It's not too close that I would be uncomfortable, which is unusual for him, so he must have caught on to my discomfort.

"I'm going to sacrifice you in exchange for my daughter. A life for a life," I reply without looking at him.

He is taken aback by my bluntness, but the reaction disappears just as quick as it came. A nod comes from him in acceptance.

Now it's my turn to be surprised, "Niklaus, please. I was just joking."

I willingly bump my shoulder with his and smile just as his solemn face switches to a smirk. He chuckles slightly with me now in an attempt to hide the fact that he didn't fight my request.

"Seriously then, my love," he requests lightly, "tell me what you plan to do."

"You do not get to demand anything from the Immortal Witch," Georgina interrupts us as she appears in the doorway.

The house is in my name, which is why she chooses to hide behind the magical barrier from Klaus. I know her fears firsthand and I can practically feel them radiating off of her now, but I find them completely unnecessary. Despite her vileness, Georgina is a friend and I protect my friends.

Klaus retorts, "You will do well to remember who I am, witch. Maybe you should at least attempt respect."

Before she can respond with a rude reply, I make my way to the door and gesture for her to move out of the way. She remains standing tall against the two of us, despite the warning.

"I will not play games with you, Georgina." I remind her, "You know how this works: do as I say or leave without the benefits of working with me."

"How do I know you can do this today?" She whispers, her eyes meeting mine.

"Because I have determination, power and hope. You should get yourself some."

I push past her now to deactivate our protection spell and then invite Klaus in under my breath. He follows me closely, but I can tell they are both acting like dangerous children behind me.

Tia is in the basement with Lillian and Amir when we get down there. They must have used the back entrance as I'm sure I hadn't sensed them earlier. Amir comes forward to give me a hug, but Lillian is much newer to our cause, so she settles with a polite handshake.

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