Too much

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I stood outside in the freezing cold, shivering uncontrollably because I'd rather be out here than surrounded by the evil men in there.

I was being overwhelmed my thoughts; they weren't making my decision any easier.

I can't hurt Haze. I don't want to hurt him like the way Ace hurt me so for that reason I'm choosing Haze.

Ace is toxic. He's broken and damaged, impulsive and reckless, selfish and cruel. I don't even have one bad thing to say about Haze. He is a good guy.

He's the right guy and he's the safe option.

I stared up at the stars that shined so brightly above me. The stars were so beautiful. It was nights like these that made me want to live. I felt cold air move in and out of my lungs, it felt almost therapeutic to appreciate for just a moment that I was alive.

It's a lot. Everything's a lot.

Then, without warning, I felt someone grab the back of my neck roughly. "The Vipers" someone hissed making my heart pound. I saw my father's hand and I immediately whimpered in pain; I thought I had escaped him. "Please father, just leave me alone" I spoke quietly, pleading with him to go away. "Pathetic little shit, you went missing for days. You had your brothers worried sick!" He snarled, slapping me over the back of the head.

It left a harsh sting behind. I stayed tense with his grip still on my neck. "Ace" I whispered, wanting him to come and save me. "What did you say?" My father growled. "Nothing" I uttered while cowering from his touch. "Your mom is so upset about this, I guess I'll just have to set you straight" He stated with an evil grin, he loved the power that he had over me.

"It's sad that you have to beat up a girl to feel powerful" I finally snapped; I took so much abuse and torture from him that I've finally had enough. "You're a fucking shit father, I've always hated you" I growled ripping myself from his grips. "I'm done being your punching bag, do you hear me and I'm tired of needing someone else to save me?" I raised my voice as I stood infront of him.

"Shut up you slut" he spat as he punched me across the face, making me stumble backwards in my heels. "You are your own downfall" I hissed at him as I felt the blood trickle down from my nose. I swung at my father out of anger but he caught my wrist. He did exactly as I thought he would. I swung my opposite leg into the air, kicking him in the side of the ribs; I knew that he had previously been sick with lung infection. He groaned painfully, letting out a cough.

"I've had enough of you treating me like shit" I yelled while I punched him as hard as I could. "And abusing me" I punched him again. "I'm not a shit daughter, you're just a bad father" I punched him one last time causing him to fall to his knees.

He groaned in pain as he knelt on the ground. I was breathing loudly, my chest falling and rising. It felt so good to finally be able to hit him. "But I'd like to thank you for making me strong, stronger than you anyway" I shrugged about to walk away.

But he grabbed my leg causing me to trip and fall; He knew my heels made me unstable. He kept his filthy hand on my leg and pulled me back to him before grabbing my arms and forcing them together. He began repeatedly throwing punches at me with his free hand. To be honest I couldn't really feel anything, I was just finally able to accept all the years of torment and abuse because I knew he was a coward.

I tried relentlessly to break free from his grip, realising he was probably going to kill me if I didn't do something fast.

"You fucking worthless piece of shit" My father snarled angrily, taking out a knife from his pocket. This was it. This is how I die.

He ran it along my body. I waited for it to stop. I was tired of fighting.

Yet it never happened. My father was ripped off me and thrown back onto the concrete. It was Ace and he looked furious, I could practically see the steam coming out of his nose. Fear filled my fathers face.

"I thought you didn't care about her?" My father tried to crawl away from Ace. "No I care about her too much" Ace took the knife from my father and glanced back at me for approval. I nodded exhaustedly, staring at them from the ground before staring up at the stars. I heard my father scream until it suddenly stopped. He had giving him a rough beating before plunging the knife into his chest.

My eyelids became heavy. I think that's the first time I've ever heard Ace say he cares about me. I could hear the tapping of Ace's shoes approach me before he stood over my body, looking down at me. He picked my weak, limp body up off the ground and into his arms.

The blood from my nose and mouth had spilled onto his suit. "Oh your suit" my weak and fragile voice spoke. "This suit can be replaced by money, you can't" He whispered.

I took the handkerchief from inside his suit and the blood from my face.

"I wanted to die" I said blankly as a tear slipped down the side of my cheek. A look of fear washed over Ace's face as he listened to my words yet watched every step he took. "I thought you didn't want me" I said with a weak look. "No, no, of course I wanted you" Ace shook his head vigorously, probably wondering how I could even think that. "I thought I would break you" Ace's eyes became glossy. "You can't break what's already broken" I responded quietly, leaning into him. He walked towards his limo, carrying me in his arms.

"Sofia" Ace muttered, making me turn my head with the little energy I had left.

He pressed his lips against mine and it all just made sense. His kiss was perfect; better than I expected. I craved him. Everything about him. I keep trying to convince myself that he's not the one because who wants to love a ruthless killer yet he's the one. My soul knows he's the one.

Nobody can make me feel the way he does.

Ace broke the kiss to take a breath. "I wish I had done that sooner" he spoke, trying catching his breath. "Me too" I leaned against his chest. "You should put me down, I can walk" I muttered confidently, trying to sound as convincing as possible. "No way" Ace stubbornly mumbled as he walked us over to the limo.

"What about Haze" I winced trying to move in Ace's arms. "I'll let him know, I have you now and I'll take care of you" One of Ace's drivers opened the limo door.

Ace placed me in the limo, earning a wince from me. "Sorry" he apologised before letting go of me cautiously like I was a baby. He climbed in and I rested my head on his lap. It was finally warm.

"Your dress" Ace traced his finger over the stains of blood with a concerned look on his face. "It's ok, it's only a dress" I murmured to him. "This is like Deja vu" Ace stated, gazing down at me. "Yeah" I shut my eyes. "I remember sitting here, trying not to let you make me happy" Ace admitted while drawing circles on the centre of my palm.

"Don't do that, it's annoying" I put on a deep voice to mimic Ace, getting a cheeky smile off of him in return. "I actually thought it was really cute" he admitted with a grin, staring out of the window. "What made you change your mind about telling me?" I blinked at him curiously. "I was miserable without you plus seeing you with Haze, it drives me crazy" He shook his head. "What, why?". "You know why" he glared at me. "I really don't".

"It's because he had his hands on my girl, I was supposed to be in his place. My hands on your waist as we danced, making you smile and laugh. I was supposed to be the one you wanted" Ace glanced out the window longingly. "You are" I whispered softly, closing my eyes again. "But he's your boyfriend" Ace sighed defeatedly. "I know" I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to see Ace's expression.

"The universe keeps trying to keep us apart Ace. tell it to stop" I whispered half asleep trying to ignore the pain. "No, it was me but no more" he brushed my hair behind my ear.

"You want me?" I whispered softly. "Always" was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep.

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