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Jake's POV:

I stood at the altar waiting for my bride to walk down the aisle. Brandon aka my best man, my best friend, and my soon to be brother-in-law stood behind me with two of my other friends, teasing me for being a nervous wreck. They had no idea how eagerly I have waited for this day.

"If you don't want the podium to collapse then stop tapping your foot," Brandon whispered in my ear, humor was evident in his voice.

I swallowed my anxiety and attempted to keep my leg still. Even though I was denying persistently being nervous, my anxiety was apparent in my actions.

"She is going to come here any second. Stay calm, Jake," I muttered to myself with my eyes on the aisle.

Brandon placed his hand on my shoulder and gave it a light squeeze. "She's planning to run away. Dad is just booking a flight for her," he muttered with all seriousness.

My head whipped around to get the better look of his face.

"F*ck you, Brandon. I'm worried sick here and you think this a good time to show your comic skills."

A grin spread on his face and he turned to ask my other friends if they captured my pale face perfectly in the video.

I closed my eyes for a moment and clenched my hands in a fist. I reminded myself that in less than a minute he was going to become my brother-in-law and I had to hold off the urge of breaking his jaw until then.

"I'm regretting already," I muttered under my breath.

Brandon glared at me, flexing his muscles. "If you're thinking about ditching my sister on the altar then I'll make sure you leave this place on a stretcher."

"I'm regretting picking you as one of my best men. I thought you would understand how it feels to wait on the altar for the woman you love most," I said in irritation.

"You were not helping when the positions were reversed. I'm just taking sweet revenge," he said with the smirk.

I cursed myself for the day I teased this vengeful devil. I didn't know how it feels to be on the other side and I made the mistake.

"What's taking so long?" I asked him.

"She's here," he said, looking at the aisle with the wide grin on his face.

Taking a deep breath, I turned to get the look of my beautiful bride, walking down the aisle in a white full sleeves lace gown holding her dad's arm. Her glorious brown hair with the highlights of blonde was tied up in a bun. A few curly locks were framing her innocent face.

With each step that she took towards me, my heart started to beat faster. I wanted to look into her eyes, but she didn't look up until she reached the altar.

I never thought I would be one of those grooms who cries when they see their bride in a wedding dress for the first time, however, here I was blinking back my tears when she reached the platform. I noticed her long lashes were wet like she had cried. Instantly, I was concerned but then she looked up with a grin on her face.

Her chocolate brown eyes stared at me from head to toe, clearly checking me out without shame. The passion in her eyes made me swallowed hard.

Chase Edward, an influential businessman stood before me with tears in his grey eyes as he handed me his daughter's hand. "I trust you to take care of my precious girl," he said.

"I will take care of her my whole life," I said, glancing at her face.

He looked satisfied at my answer and gave my shoulder a light squeeze with a prideful smile.

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