Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

We were riding through the forest on the northern side of the city. The citizens and that elder guy did not wish to follow us. Such cowards. The least that they could do is show us the direction in which the disease started.

Since this morning’s conversation with Duke, we didn’t really spoke to each other. I knew now that I wasn’t going to sleep tonight especially with Duke around. Who knows what I will say in my sleep again?  

I take a better look at our surroundings. It seems that the life here was dying even the creatures here. I have this scratching feeling that Talon was behind this if not him then who else.

Duke suddenly came to a halt and stared at the opening of broken trees in front of us. I stopped beside him and looked around. The trees were all knocked down as if someone walked through here on a rampage to destroy everything in it’s path.

I look towards Duke to see if he was going make the first move or not. It was hard to tell with that mask on that only allowed me to see his green eyes. I really didn’t want to wait. I wanted to know what was causing these people so much suffering and if it could be Talon. I didn’t wait for Duke to make a decision. I sent Moonstone running into the opening with me on her back. Called be reckless to do so without thinking but this was my hometown.

I could hear Duke’s horse coming after us but I wasn’t going to stop for him if he wanted me too. I hop off Moonstone and started walking by myself. I saw that the fog was starting to kick in like it didn’t want me seeing anymore beyond it. I continued walking through it. I couldn’t hear Duke’s horse anymore or Moonstone breathing.

I wanted to know and to see if it was truly Talon causing these evil doings. If he was I have no idea what to say. We grew up here.

“Winter! Winter!” Talon called after me as I ran towards the forest.

“Come on!” I said smiling while running.

“No Winter! It’s too dangerous to be running in the forest.” He shouted from behind him.

“Come on Tally. Don’t be so uptight about these things. It’s not like anything is going to really come out and attack me. After all if something does come out and attack me, I have you to protect me right?” I said.

“I will protect you Winter but the forest is too dangerous and we shouldn’t be in here. Come on Winter.” He said running after me.

I didn’t stop running until I hit into something. I look up to see it was this big baby black bear. I screamed as it scratched me and hit me to the ground.

“Winter!” Talon shouted.

He picked up a stick and started fighting against the bear. The bear was very aggressive and was fighting back. The bear also hit him but only cutting his face.

Talon fell down and reach for a sharp stone. He hit the bear very hard with the stone causing it to pass out.

I managed to get up and dust myself. I look over to Talon whose back was facing me and he was still had a sharp stone in his hand.

‘Come on Talon. Let’s go before it wakes up.“ I said.


He didn’t turn around to look at me. He got closer to the bear and started stabbing it with the sharp stone. I gasp in horror.

“Talon stop! What are you doing! It’s just a baby bear!” I shouted running towards Talon who was still stabbing the bear.

He pushed me away when I tried to touch him. I fell down onto the ground again but this time was from Talon not the bear.

“Talon?” I whispered.

“It needs to die so no it can not hurt anyone else in the future. It’s need to be dead. It’s need too. Die.” He said in a scary tone.

Even though his reason for killing the bear was for a good cause it sparked something different in me. I had never realised how violent or dark he was until he killed that baby bear that day but that was only the beginning soon after he was doing horrible things that he should not have done.

I didn’t approve of it and that hurted his feelings but that wasn’t enough to stop him for all his wrongdoings. I guess being here has brought up a lot of past memories that I keep buried away. I didn’t understand why I really wanted to go here.

It got darker as I walked but stopped before I couldn’t see anything. I heard something moving around me. I turn around to see a shadow moving. I ran after it as fast as I could.

“You know. I have always told you that this forest was dangerous but you never listened to me.” someone said behind me.

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