Chapter 8

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I forgot about aftercare. Shit.

"Hey guys I'm tired I'm going to sleep" they all muttered a goodnight

I ran upstairs to see Catalina sleeping with a tear stained face

"Catalina sweetheart" I woke her up and she groaned

I pulled her on top of me and pulled down her trousers

"What are you-" I grabbed cream from the little bedside table next to me and put it on her burning ass

I rubbed it in and pulled up her underwear and held her closely while kissing her neck

"I know sweetheart daddy is horrible" I could hear her light snores.

I heard the other boys come upstairs joking about some inside joke we made a couple of days ago.

"What classes do we have tomorrow" I asked

Elliot walked towards the drawer and pulled out the piece of paper

"It's just all classes for Catalina but it seems like the entertainment at night starts tomorrow" Myles got in behind me and cuddled right up for me

"Goodnight Myles" I smirked

"Goodnight Handsome" he kissed my cheek

What the fuck.

The next day

I woke up and felt the empty space next to me.


"Guys wake the fuck up Catalina is gone" I shouted

"Calm down I took her. She was sad again" Braxton reassured me

I nearly had a damn heart attack.


Braxton and I walked to the class that I am getting forced to pretend. My ass is still sore and I'm starting to get a headache

I walked inside and Zayden greeted me like he normally would

"Good to see you Catalina"

I looked up at Braxton with tears again god damn it why am I so emotional again

"You need to be a strong little girl and you know what? We will come pick you up later" he gave me one last hug and walked out the door.

I looked up at Zayden and he looked at me with apologetic eyes. He held onto my hand and walked me into the circle where other people were sitting

"where's your bunny Catalina?" I looked around. I forgot it. I forgot my best friends

"I-I left it" I stuttered through my tears

Zayden got up and did something with his phone and came back to the circle.

About 20 minutes later Braxton was at the door handing a bunny over to one of the other staff. I didn't get to go over to him because Zayden stopped me.


After Braxton gave Catalina her bunny he came back to the cabin and lied flat out on the couch

"Lets do something today" he stretched out his legs went on top of Myles' legs

"What is there?" Theo asked

Austin went over to the tv and fumbled around on the channels when he finally found the channel which says what there is to do

"There's just all shitty trust exercises" I have never seen him do anything like trust exercise when I was a submissive at this camp

"Let's do it" I got up and headed for the door

They all stared at me making me roll my eyes

"Come on" I groaned and Austin obviously started whining because he didn't want to go.

Austin called his friend and the kart arrived about 10 minutes later


"Are you okay doing these things. You don't exactly trust people" Dave said he looked at me to see my reaction

I didn't reply I just looked out at the  landscape

As we arrived Dave stopped me from getting out

"You don't have to do this I can make up an excuse for you" I shook my head and got out

"I'm okay man" I patted his head and walked with the others.

"Good Afternoon I'm Jazmin and I will be the person to help you all trust each other more" she was so perky. It was like she was really trying to annoy me.

As I stood in front of Myles I imagined my father he tried to get through to me this way but I didn't allow him.

"Austin" I heard a voice said I swung around to see it was still Myles

"Lean back and I will catch you" I faced forward and tried to fall backwards so Myles could catch me

I couldn't do it. I watched the others trustfully fall into each other's arms but I couldn't

"Is everything okay here?" The perky annoying women asked

"Yeah we've already done it" Myles smiled at the women

"That's nice fancy something different?" Myles nodded Jazmin started walking and dragged me to where the women was walking.

We stopped walking and Jazmin was looking up. I looked up at the platform

"Austin place this on" she handed me a blindfold and I gave her the what the fuck look

Myles coughed and gave me a stare.

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