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Lucy couldn't sleep that night, like at all. Her worst nightmare was this close to be true. Lucy knew, this time she and her kids were lucky but, not next time. You can be lucky twice but not every damn time. Lucy seen questions in her kids eyes yet, she can't just confirm what they already knew or they think what they know and worst of all her mother is in pack hospital again; dare Lucy admit she is afraid to go their because she knew what she will encounter.

"you can't hide here" said a very familiar voice.

"What are you doing here?" Lucy asked him

"just checking you still here or packed your bags already to flee" voicing his opinion.

"you think of me as coward" Lucy asked with a certain edge in her voice.

"no, but sometimes we all do irrational things" he stated

"you indeed a perfect match for Emilio" Lucy stated "so tell me he real reason you are here"

"I told you already" Joseph replied shrugging his shoulder "to check on you, and you can't hide from them; from him you know. You have to face them at some point."

"I know" Lucy muttered "trust me I know; but I fear"

"fear, what?" Joseph asked, voice laced with confusion

"What if he demands my kids, you know" Lucy sounded so venerable "what if he want them to stay with him? What if he accuses me or them?"

"hey, hey calm down Lucy" Joseph said holding my shoulders " you won't lose them, you won't, trust me" Lucy nodded her head and tried to control her breathing.

After her talk with Joseph, still sleep was far away; so far away worry ate her but, she still forcibly shut her eyes; lay in her bed and at some point between meddling thoughts sleep found her.

Next day bright and early, disoriented with shaky breath and her children behind her they together left for pack hospital where her mother admitted yesterday night. They all were quiet in throughout the car journey but, still Lucy knew what awaits there, sooner or later past will knock on her door demand answers, not just him but her parents too, her siblings and lot more. Twenty years ago, it would have been easier but, now certain lives are on stake not just her own kids but their half brother too, truth is always been a foreign land good or bad, it always destroys the mirage you built around you. Lucy knew that too, not knowing their father is one thing but, seeing him in front of their eyes; in flesh and blood is whole new level of curiosity sets in.

"ma, ma" Jedrck shook her mother from her inner battle of chaos "what?" Lucy countered "we are here" and yes indeed they are here parked in from of pack house, she took the breath and joined her family to meet her mother.

"Please tell me that witch won't be their" Antalia moaned in annoyance.

"really" Jed questioned his sister in amusement "you know that they are high chances to see them their many of them, even that brat, so suck it up darling." advised Antalia, who just glared back at him and others around them snickered.

"behave you two" Lucy said but, she knew they both are lost causes.

Soon they were in pack hospital and Lucy definitely not ok with the feeling she got and she knew instantly the meeting won't go as planned as she was hoping. So last minute she faced her kids who were septic before now concerned by their mother's behaviour "look you might see some familiar faces but, not so familiar ones and I know that you guys, all of you" Lucy gestured to the new additions in family "put the pieces into places after last night incident at Emilio's house but, trust me you not even close and how toxic that person can be. All I'm trying to say is don't lose control ok, be calm." When Lucy was ensured, she turned around and yet another battle to win.

People scattered around the room fussing onto her mother but, as mother always knew , and she knew and not sooner she entered he mother whole face lit projecting the attention onto them "Lucy come here" her mother called kids took the seat those were not occupied.

"I heard you had a eventful day yesterday" Lucy teased her mother, "not you too" her ma replied "I want someone on my side and if you can't be the side kick, I'll have my grand kids to the job, right" and looked expectantly towards the lot and who eagerly complied with her wishes making her proud of her own sidekick army "right sure whatever mom, but seriously you should have taken your medicine" Lucy countered.

"I did"

"ya and I believe you"

"That's your issue then"

"Well isn't this cute" the witch grumbled "she came here and you already talking, when we all were trying you to say a single word to us"

"well if you have problem you know where the door is" Barbara Lucy's mother countered, who knew she can be petty.

"Don't forget ma, who been your side this long?" Zeena countered "not twenty year runaway"

"and whose fault is that" Barbara shouted, stunning everyone into silence "I might be silent this damn long but, trust me I know what's going on in here, who suffered , who did not? And definitely I know who stuck to my side, and Zeena I don't see you topping that list"

"mum" Lucy muttered quietly "you need to calm down, it's fine just breathe"

"no Lucy" Barbra said "she need to know and if she can't behave like an adult she is, I don't want her around you or me"

"Honey" this time her father tries to calm the raging she-wolf "she's your daughter only, and try to breathe and stay calm, it's not good for your health"

"Do you want to join your dear daughter too Russell because trust me I'm more than happy to kick you out too" Barbra fired back at her mate, who stunned at her tone. "Don't forget who suffered the most definitely not you two?"

Before anyone could say more to diffuse the situation, door opened and came in the cause of all pain and sufferings, the devil himself.

"well well" he said " I heard you were back but, never believed" continued entering further into the room "long time no see Lucy"

Lucy turned to face the intruder, still the same aged quiet well black hair, green eyes as hollow as it can be, still vile by looks of it and manipulative nothing a man should be.


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