Chapter 4: Questions and Pool Day

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Percy POV

I set the book-bag on the bed and get Αστέρι's stuff out and set up before asking Iris to call Annie and put her on speaker, she picks up on the 3rd ring.

"Percy, Chiron just told me the news and we can't find you, where are you now?" she asked, concern lacing her voice.

"I'm in New Jersey." I tell her in Ancient Greek, she picks up quickly.

"How did you get there?"

"Mom had a brother here, she ran away when she was young and got adopted by the Jackson's. He adopted me and took me back to New Jersey where he has four other boys, a dog, and a crazy aunt, one of the sons are his blood son and the rest adopted." I say while getting clothes out the bag and walking over to the closet.

"Do you know if it was a monster or mortal?"

"No clue, but whoever it was they took Estelle." I tell her with tears beginning to form in my eyes. Αστέρι noticed and nudged my leg, I bent down and began petting her.

"What would they want with her? She doesn't have any godly blood, no special powers-"

"But she's my sister, that automatically gives whoever has her power over me, you know this." I tell her

"Then we have to find her pronto." she says.

"Yeah." I agree.

"Oh, the gods want us and the rest of the Seven along with Reyna and Nico to come to Olympus next month." She tells me.

"I'll see if I can convince him to let me go, if not then I'm gonna have to find a way out." I take Αστέρι's food out and put it in her bowl then fill the other with water.

"I gotta go get ready for Capture the Flag, hope we win."

"With you as leader, that's a guarantee." I tell her then hung up. I take out my pictures and put them on the night stand, then finish unpacking the rest of my stuff when there's a knock on my door.

"Percy, it's Tim, Alfred told me to tell you that lunch is ready."

"Okay, I'll be out in a sec." I tell him and put the book-bag in the back of the closet and grab Αστέρι, then head out. Tim was already gone so Αστέρι led me to the dinning room. It's not long until I hear voices and arguing.

"I don't care that she seems sketchy Damian, she is family and we are her only ones left." I hear Dick yell at Damian.

"That doesn't explain anything." Damian yells.

"No, but we can ask after she's settled in." Dick agrees as I come in, I clear my throat and they all look in my direction.

"Uh . . . I was told that lunch was ready." I tell them right as Alfred comes in with a plates of sandwiches.

"Yes Mistress Jackson, you can take a seat by Tim and Jason, Bruce will be down in a minute, Harley went to get him." I nod and move to sit by them with Αστέρι sitting at my feet, I hear Bruce and Harley come down and sit at the head of the table and Alfred starts to serve the food.

"We have fish and chicken sandwiches along with some grapes and french fries, which one would you like?" he asks.

"Chicken please, I'm allergic to fish." I tell him. He sets a plate down and I take a little off to give to Αστέρι, she sniffs then takes it, she prefers raw meat, but will eat it cooked every now and then. Once everyone has their plate and starts to eat, Jason asks.

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