Chapter 9

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As I tried to look through the blindfold I couldn't see anything. I put my left foot first on the ladder going up the tree

"Austin has a certain condition where he falls out a tree like a squirrel" Myles kept making up stupid excuses why I couldn't do it some of the excuses actually made me laugh.

"Keep going Austin. Myles you need to instruct him" the women demanded

Myles said some things that really didn't help as I got to the top I was instructed to take my blindfold off and look at the view.

As I took my blindfold off my heart began to race. I saw the view of the camp and it was beautiful but not as beautiful as Catalina. I miss her.

"Austin" the women yelled I looked down to see her standing on the ground like an ant

"Jump" she demanded

Jump? Can I not just climb down the damn ladder

"Come on Austin" Myles cheered me on

I closed my eyes and jumped. I felt my heart pounce as I was being pulled down.

My feet were finally on the ground. Myles walked towards me and hugged me tightly

"We are always here if you need to get anything out" he whispered into my ear as I texted Dave

I looked up at him and smiled to see Elliot, Theo and Braxton walking towards us

"Braxton pissed off the instructor so much she threw the clipboard at him" Elliot laughter and so did Theo.

I looked at the time and it was nearly time to pick Catalina up

"Hey we have 30 minutes until Catalina finishes what do you want to do?" Braxton stretched his arms

"Well I don't know about you but I'm going to sleep" Braxton started walking in the direction to our cabin

We followed behind him of course we did walk to the cabin because Dave was 'apparently doing something important.

As we got inside we all sat on the sofa

"Right who wants to pick up Catalina?" Braxton huffed out

I looked at Elliot. Elliot hasn't yet maybe he should do it

"I vote for Elliot" Elliot looked up at me quickly

He was a very shy person but once you get past that he is crazy.

"What time does she finish?" We all looked up at the clock

"10 minutes" I told him and he left right after I said that

He always has to be early.


I walked into where Catalina was and she was playing with another girl. She was so cute.

"Hello Elliot" I looked up to see Daniel. Daniel was my old abusive master.

"Daniel" I nodded my head and walked towards Zayden

"Elliot. Catalina is playing with Remi would you like to get her now?" Zayden asked me

I shook my head I didn't want to ruin her fun.

Zayden led me over to this kitchen where Daniel also followed

"The next stage for Catalina is to get her a pacifier. I know I should be talking to Austin about this but you should get her one she is close to getting into little space" I looked over to see Catalina giggling at Remi

"She's close" I murmured

I can't wait until she goes into little space and we can cuddle all day.

"What about Remi" Daniel asked

Zayden was unsure about Remi because Remi has been in little space before.

"Elliot" I heard a familiar voice

"Hey Catalina did you have fun?" She nodded fast

"Bye Elliot and Catalina I will see you tomorrow" Zayden smiles

"Bye sunflower" Daniel whispers into my ear making me shiver.

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