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"Time did well to you" Dante said raking his eyes seizing her body head to toe.

Lucy shrugged her shoulder "I appreciate the complement but, frankly I don't need one; especially from you" turned her back towards the person, who caused a upheaval in her life without any remorse, watching him standing in front of her after so many years brought back so many memories and trust me on this none are good ones, the good ones were all hoax; a mirage broken a long time ago.

"Why?" Dante questioned "after all I'm family aren't I?"

Lucy chuckled at his question "last time I checked I don't have any" without even glancing at him "I see you in a while ma" Lucy tried to slide away from the awkward situation created in the room.

"No" Barbara firmly said "you stay but, others..." she made eye contact with her daughter and the son-in-law she never liked "they will go" with the decision made they left not before Dante made the comment about meeting very soon.

"We will meet very soon Lucy" were his parting words when he and his equally vile mate went out of the door and only left behind were Lucy, her kids and her dad.

"you too Russell" Barbara said "go eat something and leave me alone with my daughter" when dad tried to object one look from ma he too silently left the room.

"Damn"Antalia said soon everyone left the room "you are badass grandma"

"I know" Barbra glowed under the praise "it was awesome, wasn't it" and together they both laughed like they conquered the world.

"Don't encourage her Antalia" Lucy scolded her daughter "you too ma, it wasn't necessary" tried to reason with her.

"Well in my opinion it was, Zeena needs to know her place and it's about time I put stop to her nuisance" Barbara concluded "and you are not stopping, I know more than you think Lucy" they both engaged in the intense stare, Lucy was the one to look away at her kids who were all this time sat quietly.

"you guys been too good today" Lucy asked suspiciously

"well thanks" all four of them chorused at the same time, creepy as hell

"ok" Barbara demanded attention "so tell me who was the naughtiest is the school" so that's how kids and Lucy spent their whole Moring and afternoon launching into different stories from their childhood even Jordy and Julio took part in the conversation, especially who winning the heart of the old lady and even her father who quietly sat in one of the chairs listening to kids and his mate babble like long lost friends.


"Jed are you out of your mind" Antalia whispered shouted tagging along with his twin and mate, who definitely have them killed? "Jed" she called out again who choose to ignore her as always? Antalia looked helplessly at Jordy, who in return shrugged his shoulder and silently followed behind Jed.

After few minutes they spotted the clearing that Jed stumbled upon one night out on run. "Well isn't it beautiful" Jed mumbled and ventured further into the clearing and sat on area where it was more grass and Jordy sat beside his mate and they quietly basking the beauty around them.

Antalia too followed their suite and sat on rock no further to them "how romantic" she commented "and I'm third wheeling" and as usual she was ignored.

Three of them sat quietly not making the conversation just, liking the solace and the thoughts they have are more clear to listen and ponder on.

A twinge was heard in distance but, Jed ignored it thinking wild animal running free in woods. But, after few seconds Natalia too heard it loud and clear and growl sounded too close to where they were?

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