Chapter 10

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"Master I'm sorry" I crouched down in the corner

"No you aren't slave. You embarrassed me" he kicked me in the ribs

"No im sorry I really am" I cried

"Get the fuck up" he yelled at me

I slowly got up. I didn't look him in the eyes that was a big no no.

He yanked me up and then threw me down.

"I'm sick of you being like this" I didn't do anything this time. He has an alcohol problem. A pretty severe alcohol problem

"Daniel red" he didn't stop

"DANIEL" I yelled he still didn't stop

I punched him as hard as I could in the face and he fell backwards. This is my time to escape.

I ran towards the door all hot and sweaty as I got to the stairs and out the door I saw a man staring at me

"Austin grab him for me" Austin stared at my bruised face and body

The guy called Austin grabbed me. I looked at his face. Which I shouldn't of done. the most sadist master was now holding me

Austin quickly let go of me so I could run. I had to thank him if I saw him again.

I woke up and breathed deeply

"What is wrong?" Austin asks me we were in bed. We were sleeping

I saw Catalina, she was now snuggling into Braxton sleeping

"I had- I had a nightmare" I couldn't get back to sleep. I want to forget about Daniel. I thought Daniel was banned from camp.

"No Elliot" Austin pulled me out of the bed and outside so we could talk

"You were shouting Daniel. I want to know" he crossed his arms

"Do you remember?" I asked and he nodded

"I knew I recognised you from somewhere" he grabbed my hand and took me over to the couch

"Daniel abused me for months. He hated how you were always top and we couldn't even get in the top 10. He would rape me. He would hit me and he would emotionally abuse me saying that nobody would ever love me" tears streamed down my face

I hated this. I wanted Daniel to leave camp forever

"You have people that love you now and nobody will ever hurt you now that you are with me" he put his hand
onmy face

"We love you" I looked at the door to see Myles and Theo

They both walked towards me, Theo kissed me on the cheek and we had a group hug

"You know I hate wholesome moments like this" Austin who was in the middle of the hug said making us laugh

We stopped hugging and I looked up at the moon. It was a full moon. The stars were really bright too making it even nicer.

After an hour of us all lying down and staring at the stars it was 3am we all slowly crept upstairs to the bedroom

"Are you okay?" Braxton who was still cuddled into Catalina answered

I nodded my head and moved in beside him.


I just wanted to say have a nice Christmas if you celebrate it.

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