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Nicolette's POV
I woke up two hours later and slipped out before Malcom could stop me. It was 6 now and I thought the royal guards were in physical therapy now. I put a wall between our link and made my way to the building.

This would take a lot of energy from me but I needed the royal guards to help on the 30th. I had lost a lot of precious time and needed to start planning now. Whoever planned this know that my last day is the 30th and that is the last chance they have before I may disappear from the world, I haven't decided if I would stay or leave yet.

If I were to be logical, I should stay. I have my mate's mark on my neck and if I leave, my wolf would become depressed eventually. If I stay, I would be seen as an unfit ruler. I'm more witch than werewolf and also being a vampire may cause conflict. So, I haven't decided yet.

I walked in silently and saw all of the royal guards doing the exact same thing they were doing the other day, like clockwork. I spotted the wolf I healed the other day, he was doing the same exercises but modified. He had almost full use of his arm back, he just needs to regain the muscle that had broken down from not using them.

"Nicole," the man beamed. I realized that the never got his name the day I healed him. I smiled at him lightly and walked over to the bed he was laying on.

"I never got your name the other day," I said pulling up a chair to his bed. He squeezed a stress ball in his hand over and over again. He didn't have his brace on anymore and his muscles looked stronger.

"Jaxon, my name is Jaxon," he lightly smiles. I nod as I look around the room at the other wolves who still have the curse on them. I can't imagine being a werewolf and being stripped of the ability to heal. Even humans heal after time.

"Has there been any pain since I healed your arm?" I ask him. I wanted to make sure there were no compliments before I try to heal of the wolves in this room.

"No, it feels good to have full use of my arm. No pain at all," he smiles. I nod.

"Alright then I guess I'll start," I say pushing myself out of my seat. I put the chair back and stood in the middle of room. I cleared my throat and fiddled with my fingers.

"Attention everyone," I cough. Everything went silent and then everyone was looking at me. "I'm back to heal all of you."

"How?" Someone yelled out. The royal guards all started yelling about questions and it started to make my head throb. The yelling never stopped and my hands began to shake.

"Shut up," I boom. A ring of fire burned brightly around me. The lights bursted out and the only thing illuminating the room was the ring of fire that caused the guards to go silent and move away.

I let out a breath and held my head as the fire died down and my head began to throb less. I bend down to my knees and grab my knees.

"Luna," I heard someone say. I turn around and see Jaxon siting up on his bed. My eyes widen and my mouth opened to form words but it didn't work.

"Wh-w-What," I finally get past the stuttering. My heart began to pound. It felt like everyone's eyes were burning holes through my skin.

"Alpha's mark," he said making a circle around his neck. I curse and run my hand through hair.

"Do you all want to be healed or not? In five days this pack, your pack that you swore to protect the first day you started your training, is going to be attacked and your replacements haven't had the years of training you all have had. I need you healed and back on your feet because this may be the last five days I will be Luna and I want this pack to still be alive after I'm not here," I tell them. I look around and they all nodded. "Whoever doesn't want to be healed please leave this building." No one moved, they all stayed in the same position.

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