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"Are you sure this is where we should go?"
Tony asked. He still seemed really salty about Natasha's idea, but now they were as far as boarding the private airplane. "We made it as random as possible. Vision even double checked. It landed on Denmark, so we're going to Denmark. Besides, you got it your way at least a little"
Clint said.
"That's because it's only right for us to fly private. If you asked me we should've-"
"Yeah yeah Tony. But we want it as natural as possible"
Natasha said and leaned back into her seat. She felt surprisingly calm and relaxed. Maybe she felt a little relieved. If they didn't find their soulmate, this would still be a nice break.

As they were flying over the Atlantic Ocean, Tony was searching up soulmark theories. For a long time, soulmates and soulmarks hadn't been such a big deal for him. He was with the mindset that if he tried to look for them, it'd get in his way of work. Besides, fate would bring them together. Now that it turned out the whole team shared a soulmate, he couldn't wait for fate to come. But even though they've been searching for years, he still hasn't looked much up about soul marks as in themselves. And now that they're doing this jump into fate, why not look something up about them. One of the first results was a site called 'Your soulmark and it's meaning'. The site had a small colourful icon, which he couldn't make up, but didn't think much about it. Until the site is actually loaded.


"How did you decide where to go?"
Wanda asked Natasha. They, Clint, Vision and Pietro, were kinda just having their own room in a 'corner' while the rest were doing who knows what.
"Well, first we chose what continent with a dice throw. Then the rest was chosen by pulling a card. I pulled northern countries, Steve pulled Scandinavia and Bruce pulled Denmark"
She explained.
"Do you know where to go when we arrive?"
Pietro asked.
Vision started, but was cut off by Clint.
"Still not there yet. We were wondering if one of you would do the honour of choosing the city«
The twins looked at each other, and nodded. Of course they'd like to try. Anything to get closer to their soulmate.
Natasha found a small box with paper cards in it and put them on the table. She made sure to lay them with the backside up and mix them around.
"Choose one"
Both twins reached down for the same card, and snickered a little, before lifting it.
"What does it say?"
Clint asked.
"Hmm.. Cope-"
Everything was interrupted by Tony yelling: "EVERYONE, WE HAVE TO SEARCH COPENHAGEN!"

They all surrounded Tony and looked at the screen. There, as the first thing on this soulmark site, was their soulmate's soulmark. It was beautifully drawn, something only their soulmate could draw.
"What does it say?"
Bruce asked.
"It says her name is 'Flower Fox'"
"Well, that doesn't say much"
"There's an email. Should we text it?"
Steve asked.
"Not a good idea. Don't think they'd believe us"
Tony answered as he scrolled around.
"But it does cancel out a lot of places"

When the plane landed, they were driven to one of Tony's many hideouts. News spread fast, and a few fans had already been posting about it on social media. They were mainly spamming Twitter about seeing The Avengers land in Copenhagen. Tony was actually a little impressed at the skills some fans had. Some really just dedicated their time to spying on celebrities. Steve thought it was really creepy. Technology was a very strange thing. Sometimes it seemed safe and good, but other times it seemed like the main downfall.
"Can we even step out on the street without being recognised?"
He asked as the cars parked at a building a little out of the city.
"Nope, but we're The Avengers. If what Romanoff over here says is right, we should eventually just bump into our soulmate"
Tony answered.
"And how long will it take?"
Pietro asked.
"Hours, days, weeks. This is what we got, and we have to make it work. At least we have a clue now"

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