Chapter 11

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I woke up annoyed. I knew it was going to be a shitty day.

I got up and quickly got changed. I then pulled Cat out of bed she released this weird moan making me grin

"Come on sweetie you have classes" she opened her eyes and her bright eyes innocently looked at me.

I also wanted to take her so I could have a chat to Daniel. How dare he hurt someone I love and I knew when I saw Eli I had seen him before.

I just wished I helped him out a lot more.

"Bye guys I am taking her" I held onto her hand and Braxton waved bye to her.

As we walked to the classes Catalina was getting slower and slower

"You want daddy to lift you up" she looked up and nodded quickly

"Yes pwease" she smiled and I picked her up

She gripped tightly onto her teddy. I can't believe a week ago we never knew each other existed.

"Hey man" I looked behind me to see Chance and Hunter

"Where have you been?" I asked I haven't seen them since the start of camp. Catalina squirmed out of my grip

Hunter smiled at Catalina. Catalina hid behind me

"the times for classes keep changing" Chance rolled his eyes I knew that feeling the classes kept changing because the teachers couldn't be assed for it.

"When you're free tell me and we could do something" I gave him a fist bump and dragged Cat along so she wouldn't be late.

As I got to the class I spotted Daniel. If Catalina wasn't here I would straight up punch him in the face but sadly she's here and holding my hand.

"Can I get a kiss" I stopped Catalina and she shook her head and giggled running off

"She's beautiful" I turned around to see Daniel

"I am surprised you're allowed back considering you hurt a sub" I watched Catalina play nicely with another girl

"Iv changed. I'm not like that anymore" Zayden watched us. I think he knew what we were talking about.

I dragged Daniel outside and Zayden was fully behind us

"Austin-" Zayden tried to get me off Daniel

I pushed him against the wall I towered over him anyway

"If you even try to hurt him again I will beat you fucking ass red do you hear me? I don't even give a shit if you're a Dom" I spat in his face and let go.

I let go and pushed past Zayden who was now talking to someone on the phone. As I was walking back I heard a car behind me

"Austin" Dave hissed

"What the fuck do you want?" Dave looked taken back

"You could of handled the situation differently" I could see the smirk through his face

I continued walking as he tried to talk to me. I got inside and walked to bed to see the boys still sleeping.

I got into the bed cuddled closer into Elliot and fell into a nice sleep until I heard the door open

"Austin" Elliot woke up and looked at Dave at the door

"What did you do?" I shrugged at Elliot

Dave gave me a slight look

"Do you want come in like a good boy?" I teased

Dave laughed and took off his shoes and got into bed next to me.


I got the phone call from Zayden talking about how aggressive Austin was being to another camper.

If Austin went off on another camper it's for a good reason and I know it we've been friends for ages.

I saw Austin walking back to his cabin I could see that he was quite pissed off

"Austin" I hissed I couldn't be bothered with this anymore

"What the fuck do you want?" He snapped I didn't know he was that mad

"You could of handled the situation differently" I remember once that a camp councillor told us that when we did something stupid.

I walked into the cabin and walked upstairs to hear Elliot talking I stood at the door and saw Austin looking at me

"Do you want to come in like a good boy?" Austin laughed at me

I took off my shoes and got in next to him and Braxton. Braxton was still sleeping at this moment.

I looked to my left and saw Austin sleeping. I think I have a crush on my best friend.

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