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I sat downstairs, scrolling through my phone , waiting for Ace to come down . He had been up there awhile now . I sat with my legs crossed over one another and big my nails ; I was nervous that we would be late to meet the new recruits.

Ace finally strutted in , wearing his all black suit . I know he's wearing it to a funeral but shit , he looks really sexy in it .

"Chase wants to take me to a dance" I squeaked , sitting on the chair . "Chase , Chase ?" Ace raised his eyebrow, turning to me as he lit his cigarette at the back door . "Yes 15 year old Chase" I beamed at him . Ace puffed at his cigarette before blowing out the smoke . "He wants to take my girl to his prom" Ace said possessively. "Come onnn Ace , he's 15 , he's not going to fall in love with me" I whined , sticking up for Chase because I really didn't want him to be the only kid without a date .

Ace let out a sigh . "Fine , but he's not allowed dance with you" Ace pointed his two fingers at me warningly . "Ok" I nodded , knowing I was probably going to dance with Chase anyways because who doesn't dance at dance ? .

"Ok babygirl, let's go" Ace muttered quickly holding out his hand . I took his hand and we walked out the door . He helped me into the car before hopping into the drivers side . I gazed at the veins on his arms that popped when he grabbed the wheel of the car , and how he held his cigarette in his mouth with ease .

"Are you sure you'll be okay today?" I asked him , giving him puppy eyes on purpose to try and get a honest answer out of him . "I'll be fine" he nodded , but keeping his face void of emotion . I could tell he probably had to stop smiling to stop feeling anything, I just hope him liking me hasn't gone away today too.

I don't know why everyone is so scared of Ace or calls him the devil . Maybe it's because I know he's actually an angel in disguise, even if he doesn't admit it . His wings may have been clipped by his father , but I'll help them grow and teach him how to fly .

The rest of the car ride was silent , until we reached outside of the training grounds . "Sofia" Ace stopped me from getting out of the car . I looked at him , giving him my attention. "Yes?" I asked innocently. "You're my girlfriend" he stated while getting out of the car . I followed his lead and also got out of the car . "Okay , but why the sudden commitment ?" I worried . "Because I don't want anyone of these little shits hitting on you , and if they do , you can now tell them I'm your boyfriend" he rambled possessively, not realising how over protective he was being . "Plus , who doesn't want the most beautiful girl to be his girlfriend" Ace winked at me before entering the highly secured building . I walked behind him , he was holding my hand , making sure no one took me from him .

"Here Sofia , place your hand on this scan" Ace held out his hand , to take mine . I gave him my hand and he placed it on the scanner , which was very cold to touch and slightly burned when it scanned your hand for some reason . "That hurt" I mumbled with a pout . "Fix the burning" Ace snarled at one of his workers before examining my hand . "You're hands fine , but just to be sure you better keep it in mine , just to be on the safe side" he smirked cheekily ; I knew he just wanted to hold my hand .

All I could hear was the taps of our feet hitting the heavy metal floor but the walls were made out of stone . "If these kids are rude , I'm going to kick the shit out them" Ace rolled his eyes ; he was already frustrated with the new recruits and he hadn't even met them yet .

"Be easy on them , they're newbies" I shoved him playfully earning a scowl then a smile . "Are Ashton and Ella and stuff at the funeral already ?" I questioned him curiously. I was bored from all this walking . "Put your hand on the scanner again" Ace said demandingly . It must hurt a lot more for other people considering I can barely feel pain at this point .

I gently placed my hand on the scanner and it didn't burn this time . I think it only hurt the first time because it was imprinting my hand into the system . Ace kept walking ,  constantly looking back every two minutes to make sure I was still behind him.

We reached this glass door that slid open , leading us into the new recruits. They were all talking and getting to know eachother. I guess the plus side of the Mafia is that you can make some really loyal friends . Or some really unworthy friends , who don't deserve your friendship . Either way you'll make both and for me the loyal out weigh the unworthy . Look at Ace for example. Ace has been loyal to me ever since he realised he felt something for me . He may have lied a few times but that due to his insecurities that he couldn't keep me safe .

I'd rather get beaten 100 times repeatedly by my father just to spend a moment with Ace and that's the beauty of it . It's beautiful being around someone loyal who only wants the best for you .

All the recruits stared at us as we walked toward them . Ace kept his head forward , showing no emotion, but I could feel his hand searching for mine . He found it and grabbed it , intertwining our fingers .

"Boss" the all nodded in sync . "Atleast you have some manners" Ace remarked with a hint of anger in the way he said it . I could already tell he despised this . The recruits were basically shaking. One of them raised their hands to ask a question . "What" Ace snarled . He was so mean . I kinda liked it . It was a girl .

"Are you training us today" she squeaked almost cowering away from him, obviously afraid of Ace . "Yes I will be , I'll be pushing you to see if you are worthy to be in my Mafia" Ace strolled down the line of recruits , showing them his dominance that was radiating off him.

He stood tall and confident. He knew he was attractive and sometimes I hated him for it . I stood in the corner watching him train them .

"Who's that?" I heard one of the recruits chirp . "It's just one of his whores , Ace Hernandez doesn't date" one of them scoffed while rolling his eyes at the other recruit wondering how he didn't know that . "But she's actually pretty" the recruit responded nicely . "Ryan , Mafia leaders don't stay loyal to their wives , it's just a known fact, he doesn't even kiss her" the little shit shrugged like I was object and not a human being with feelings .

"Hey!" I called out to the two boys . They both turned me and their cheeks became flushed , wondering if I had heard what they said . "Do you want to ask Ace if I'm a whore?" I blinked at them , folding my arms as I stared them down . "No" Ryan chirped quietly . "I will" the second recruit said . "Brian you're crazy!" Ryan gasped almost dying on the spot . "What , she's a slut , I'm a recruit" Brian smiled proudly .

"Boss" Brian called out , catching Ace's attention . Ace raised his eyebrow to signal he wanted a response . "That's your slut right?" He snickered slightly while speaking . I seen Ace gaze at me from across the room . He clenched his jaw while looking at me . I gave him a soft smile to calm him down .

"Who told you that" Ace snarled at him , scaring Brian .

Thank you guys so much for 300k reads . It's actually insane how many people are reading this book rn , if you're one of them , thank you 💕

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