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Third Person POV
Nicolette was still shivering violently in Malcom's arms, more than usual. Malcom was terrified for his mate. He didn't know how much more she could take of the black magic in her.

She wouldn't stop mumbling about the visions that the black magic showed her. She mumbled words that were out I to her head and the surroundings around her.

Malcom listened to her quiet mumbling, trying to pick out bits and pieces of the clouded words she said. He had never felt so helpless. It felt like he was watching his mother get beat. He beat himself up knowing he should have there, aware that she had left.

Nicolette was slipping in and out of consciousness but she didn't know it. She only saw the flashes in front of her. She couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't. She knew she had to call out for help in some way but her body was not hers.

Her wolf and demon couldn't control the black magic taking over their witch's body. No power of hers could push out the evil invading her brain, her thoughts, the private information she would never let anyone know. It was knocking down the invisible wall she put up and soaked up her secrets to use against her.

Malcom watched her eyes roll back into her head and her body went limp, "Shit, not now Nicolette you have to stay with me." He wiggles her head a bit, trying to get her to wake up.

She was exhausted, her body fought the magic back but it kept pushing until all of her was pushing into a locked cage. The black magic was in full control of her body and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Her eyes opened again but her familiar jade eyes didn't greet Malcom. They were pitch black, with no sign of life in them. No sign of Nicolette's familiar fights that always glared in her eyes.

"5 more days until your Luna dies. 5 more days to prepare for something you can not stop. Make them count," a monotonous voice boomed out of Nicolette's body. Then, the black magic left her body, almost taking her life with it.

Malcom watched her body in dismay. Her breathing was becoming light and her heart rate started to slow down. He watched closely to see if there was any sign that Nicolette would wake up.

"Doctor Lauren I need you in the hospital right now in the royal wing. I'm bringing Nicolette in," Malcom ordered through the mind link. He picked her up and let out a grunt as he pulled her up off the ground.

"You sure as hell be prepared to protect her because she almost gave her life to heal you to protect this pack so you better train your asses off," he threatened them before rushing out.

He'd never felt this feeling before. The feeling of fear rushed through every corner of his body. When watching his mom get beat, he was filled with fear but never fear. He had never felt the anxiety of the thought of losing someone so dear to him.

"I told you I can't die easily," Nicolette rasped, frightening Malcom in the process. She gasped for air as her whole body still continued to hurt. "The guards?"

"I didn't have time to check if they're healed before rushing you to the hospital. Doctor Lauren is going to take care of you," Malcom explainer still running towards the pack hospital. Nicolette shook her head, her body still in pain, and tried to escape from Malcom's strong grasp.

"No," she choked out, still trying to wriggle her way from Malcom's arms. "Don't bring me there, I'm fine." Malcom rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around her tighter.

"You're being stupid now, I can feel your pain through the link," he said. He slammed through the doors of the pack hospital and dashed up the stairs.

Doctor Lauren stood, waiting for her Alpha to give her his Luna. The news spread fast among the pack. The royal guards could keep a single word to themselves about how they saw their Alpha's mark among a she-wolf's neck.

The news eventually spread to Morgan. The other she-wolves snickered at her. She kept on flaunting after she saw Nicolette. She tried to convince everyone that she was going to be Luna. That she was going to sit beside Malcom on the throne. Now, it seemed like a childish dream, but she was furious, especially after what Malcom told her about his plan for the wretched she-wolf, Nicole.

They carried Nicolette into a room and got her onto a bed. Malcom watched Doctor Lauren shout unknown medical words but Nicolette seemed to know some of them.

"I'm going to give you some pain-meds but that's really all I can do. You're body is worn out so you need a lot of rest but I'm going to keep you here for a night since your body is still hurting," Doctor Lauren told Nicolette. Nicolette simply nodded, choking back a groan.

She needed to prepare for the things the black magic showed her but she still nodded. Doctor Lauren left the room and Nicolette's green eyes glared into Malcom's hazel eyes.

"I need a blood bag," Nicolette stated. Malcom stared at her for a split second then nodded. He walked out of the room in silence. He didn't know what to say. What could he say after what he watched.

He felt so helpless. What could he possibly say to her to make her feel better after he watched her go through all of that pain? He wanted to yell at her for doing something so idiotic, for not waiting until she was fully rested.

He grabbed a blood bag and walked back through the empty halls of the royal ward. Malcom only trusted Doctor Lauren in this hall. After what happened to Titus and Sophia, he couldn't let just any doctor take care of the royal families.

He tossed the blood bag to her and she caught it swiftly. Malcom watched her drink every last drop of the blood, wondering if she felt bad about it. He had questions for her that seemed rude to ask her but Nicolette could see him wondering.

"What do you want to ask me?" Nicolette questions him. He turns his head and questioned her question with his facial expression. "I see you wondering, just ask me the questions."

"Why not just take blood from a human being? Blood bags seem like a waste of time," he blurts our. She lets out a weak laugh and tries to sit up in her hospital bed, but she just laid back down, too tired to sit up.

"Before I met you, I was on animal blood. Then, you fed me your blood and then Lucas never brought me animal blood. I was trained on animal blood, I was weaker than most vampires. My father was the same but I became stronger because of it. I became stronger than most vampires while I was on animal blood so while I'm in animal blood, my strength has grown. I don't like to drink from humans because then I have to erase their memories and I don't want hundreds of glass orbs everywhere," she sighed and rolled her eyes. Malcom looked at her like she was crazy.

"Glass marbles?" He questions. She let out another light laugh and looked out of the window.

"Don't worry about it," she just said, still staring outside of the window. "Come on just say it already, I know you're itching to say it."

"Why? You know you were not rested enough and you knew that it wasn't smart," he finally said. She looked at him.

"After what I saw just now, you're going to need those guards to help you protect this pack because I may not be there to help you," her voice cracked.
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