Chapter 12

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I woke up next to Catalina. One of the guys must of got her from day care

"Austin" Braxton folded his arms

"What" I groaned and pulled Catalina closer

she let out this weird little yawn.

"Did you really think hurting Daniel would help?" Braxton quietly said as he didn't want to wake Catalina

"I gave him a warning" I hissed

"Tough shit. Now we have a warning against our cabin. 3 warnings and we're out" I looked over to Myles in the corner sitting on a chair with a drink

"I don't want to leave" Theo whined from the bathroom

"Will it happen again?" Braxton asked and crossed his arms

"No" I quietly said

I looked around the bed to see Elliot but not Dave. I thought Dave stayed here last night.

"Another thing we need to talk about" Braxton rolled his eyes

"Why was Dave in the bed? Catalina is going to be confused with random men if we keep it up" I stared at him what's up with him today

I squinted my eyes at Braxton

"Braxton you need to go for a walk" I got out of bed I noticed I just had my boxers on

"You know what Austin? Go with him" Theo chucked trousers at me

I put them on and then my shoes and ran to catch up with Braxton

"Hey are you okay today" I pulled him slightly closer

He huffed and pulled away

"Do you not like Dave?" I frowned

"I do. I do but I don't see him as part of our little family if you know what I mean" I nodded my head I knew what he was trying to say

"He's my best friend. You can't be jealous about the situation okay?" I stopped him and turned towards him

"Do you not here what I'm saying. I like him but I don't want to be in our family" I rolled my eyes

"Yes he won't be in our family" I grabbed his face and stared into his beautiful eyes

"Just kiss me already" he groaned and grabbed me

I felt his plump lips against mine as we kissed

I heard a wolf whistle which made us pull apart and stare at the couple

"Carry on we were enjoying it" the lady laughed

I grabbed him and we blissfully walked to the cabin.

We walked into the cabin to see that is was filled with giggles

"Hello sweetheart" I moved towards Catalina who was playing a game with the others guys

"Hi" her cute little noise wiggled in fraustrstion


Theo wanted me to play a game. I hate games I normally loose and then it makes me feel like shit from the rest of the night.

I sat down and waited for Braxton and Austin to come back but they took forever.

So we just started

"Your turn Catalina" Theo handed me the dice

I grabbed the dice off him and threw it lightly down

"five" I moved my little thimble five places

The door opened and shut in strolled Braxton and Austin

"Could we be partners?" He smiled at me and sat down beside me and pulled me into his embrace

"Are we winning?" He whispered into my ear and I shook my head fast I could feel his smirk against my ear.

We were half way into the game when I looked over to see Myles putting his finger over his piece and moving it forward a few spaces

The other guys were too involved in the conversation they were having too notice

I felt tears run down my face. Why was I getting so emotional

"Catalina what's wrong?" Elliot asked

"Daddy is cheating" tears burst out of my face

I was about to get up when Austin pulled me into a tighter hug

"Shhhh I know he's being horrible" I watched as Theo threw his piece across the room

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