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Today, was a very... annoying day for Cahaya...


"Api, it's 'Ca-ha-ya'." The light elemental corrected, sighing afterwards.

"Ce-ha-yuh?" His little brother then responded while blinking his big, crimson eyes twice adorably.



Cahaya was actually trying to make his three-year old little brother state his name correctly, in which the gifted fire elemental young boy on the other hand, couldn't seemed to make it right and had already mistaken his big brother's name constantly as he ask.

Every time Api stated his name incorrectly, Cahaya would always correct him and still, his little brother can't get it after how many times the light element would repeat his name for him.

"Okay, wait! Say your name again, Api." Cahaya said, as he stared at his young brother with full of seriousness in his face while crossing his arms on his chest.


"Good. Now, say my name."


The light element facepalmed. "Are you being serious right now-- Like... urgh!" He sighed in annoyance while rubbing his forehead. He then looked back at his brother with a straight face and corrected him again.







The light element groaned mentally. "How hard is it to spell my name correctly!?" He exclaimed, hugging both of his knees to his chest and buried his face in between them, as he started sobbing dramatically afterwards.

His little brother then tilted his head to the side cutely in confusion, crawling towards his big brother and held on onto his arms, shaking it lightly.

"Ca... ha... ya...?" Api softly uttered, looking at his big brother with a sad pout and a worried expression.

The light element slowly lifted his head up, his brown eyes widened in surprise while staring at his little brother in disbelief. "Say that again?"

"Ca... ha... ya...!" The little fire elemental stated, grinning while spreading his arms wide for the light element to carry him, in which Cahaya honestly found it adorable.

Cahaya then smiled widely, getting up from the ground and carried his little brother on his arms. "Finally! You managed to spell my name correctly!" He exclaimed happily, hugging his young brother gently and wholeheartedly afterwards. Api giggled cutely as he returned the hug back.

"I wuv you, Big Bwother Cahaya...!" The fire element softly said, making his big brother's eyes widened once more in surprise. Cahaya then formed a small, warm smile while caressing the back of his little brother's head gently.

"I love you too, Api."


I wanna draw this scene so badly! AHHHHHHHHHHH---- >w<

Hehehe, have some UwUs on the first chapter. :3

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