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Third Person POV
His heart dropped to see her cry. It didn't used to affect him but after he marked her it was like he could feel her emotions through their bond.

"What do you mean?" He asked slowly as if he already knew the answer but wanted to hear it from her. A stray tear created a stream down her face that led the other tears follow through the path the first tear made.

"T-the dark magic showed me that I was going to die. I saw a woman there but she had no face. There was one face that I recognized though, Henry," she said. He could feel her fear in the room, not only through their link. She always spoke about how she wanted to die, but now that she is going to die, reality set.

"I'm scared," she whimpers. She let down her walls and let Malcom in. She let him comfort her because for once she didn't know what to do. She had grown to love the pack she once resented. She had loved a pack she only knew a select amount of people and a few places, but she felt the need to protect all of it.

There were families here. There were children living the childhood some children may never have. There were people here with the mothers and fathers that love them. There were lives being lived here and she envied them all. She wanted those families to continue being loved. So, she wanted to fight but she was scared to do it.

Malcom walked over to the small hospital bed and climbed into it. Nicolette pressed her face on his chest, taking in his smell, as he pulled the thin hospital blanket over the both of them.

He wrapped his arms around her body and took in her scent. In that moment, Nicolette didn't want to move, ever. She wanted to stay with Malcom, where it was safe and they could be safe together.

For once in a long time, she felt at home and it wasn't this hospital bed or this pack or the his house, but it was Malcom. She could never call something that she loved so much home because eventually she'd have to leave. She doesn't want to leave. She wanted to be in Malcom's arms.

She cried into his chest and he stroked her hair gently, and in that moment, she realized that she loved him. In the month they had spent together he had done little to prove he was worth loving but a relationship is not about the fighting but what happens after it. The after was that she fell in love with the good and horrible parts of him and somehow, it became ten times harder to leave this pack.

She wanted to finish the mating bond so when she dies, she can hear Malcom's voice as she slowly slips away from her body, but not now.

"I don't want to die," she cries out. Malcom leans his chin on her head and looks away as she continued to die. Malcom ran his fingers through her knitted hair and then just held her head against him.

"Go to sleep Nicolette," he said. He didn't know how to comfort her because he was speechless himself. He didn't know how to react to his mate dying. Malcom felt her tears soaking through his shirt and flowing down her face.

She chocked back sobs quietly until she was asleep. Malcom liked having her in his arms. He liked the feeling of having someone he loved in his arms. That was the first time he admitted that he loved her, the first time he realized.

He didn't want her to die. He didn't want to push her away or leave her for someone else because she was perfect. Everything about her was perfect and no one could say otherwise. No matter what monster she thought she was. Malcom thought she was no where near being a monster compared to him.

He wanted to take her, and finish the mate bond but she was weak and tired. He doubted she wanted to finish it either. Eventually, he fell asleep too, with his love in his arms.
Nicolette woke up in her room but Malcom was still wrapped around her. She felt like she had more energy and rested up. It was night time now which meant she had lost a few hours to prepare. She jolted you which caused Malcom to wake up with her.

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